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Thorough but not faultless

I'd almost forgotten that I'd ordered this latest offering from Thames/Thompsons such was the lengthy delay between the originally muted release date and the delivery on the 20th August.

The packaging is excellent with various pictures of Ian in full flight - going right back to the circa 1984 "mutton chop" sideburns days and up to the more recent and more elegantly coiffured Mr. Paice. Along with the DVD comes a special bonus CD with various takes of the drum showcase instrumentals Dustbins and Paicesetter. I find these tracks interesting enough but far from exciting and I doubt whether the CD will remain much more than a curio in my collection, but a bonus CD is a bonus so I'm not complaining.

The main presentation itself is excellent, the highlight for me being the extremely informative A Drummers Guide which has Ian admirably hosting a documentary (or if you will Rockumentary) all about how drums are made. His passion for his craft shows through as he enthusiastically takes us on brief tours of the Pearl factory in Japan, the Paiste factory in Switzerland and the Pro Mark and Remo factories in the USA. This documentary may not be interesting to everyone but I found it fascinating and I'm grateful of being given yet another level of appreciation and insight into the music of my favorite band.

After this whirlwind tour of the drum manufacturing world Ian treats us to a brief tutorial on the rudiments of drumming. Although I am not an aspiring drummer it is great fun watching Ian doing some nifty little paradiddles and rolls on the kit. Pardiddle? Wow, I love to learn new words every day. Throughout this excellent 50-minute documentary we are treated to various drum solos from Ian through the years. One in particularly from Sydney 1984 which is quite phenomenal. Power, speed, dexterity and energy. Classic Paice.

Next on the DVD we have the chance to watch Ian play the tracks Paicesetter and Dustbins in the studio from a couple of different angles. Fairly interesting I guess but this is a part of the DVD that I will skip in future.

From the studio we head out on the road and another highlight as we are introduced to Roadieview, a unique perspective where we are treated to seeing the show as Ian's roadie would see it. Mr Paice is in the centre of the screen and we see his every move. We witness Deep Purple live on stage playing Ted, Lazy, Knocking At Your Back Door, Highway Star and Speed King interspersed with various classics like Ian having problems with his monitor, changing and tuning the kit between songs and dropping drumsticks. Even the great man will make a mistake here and there it seems. The sound on these tracks is fairly good but understandably the drums are way to the front of the mix.

Next - and of particular interest for Australian fans - is a short presentation from Ian's drum clinic held in Melbourne 2001. Steve Morse makes an appearance here too and is briefly interviewed. Amazingly enough, Matty the drummer from local cover band Speed Kings is also interviewed and his passion for the band is obvious.

A short but pithy interview with Ian follows and at the end of the DVD are various photos of Ian through the years and a short biography.

I'm so pleased that I purchased this DVD. When I first heard about it I wondered whether it would be to my taste but it is an excellent addition to my burgeoning collection.

There is one embarrassing error (isn't there always?) in the opening credits. The late Tony Ashton is listed as Tony Ashfon. Sure this is obviously just a typo but I am amazed that someone, somewhere, sometime during this production didn't see it before the presses rolled so to speak. It's a shame and it takes a little gloss off a very worthwhile production.

Dave Ruddick


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