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Humour and honesty

I am not a music DVD lover. I like to sit in my chair and listen to the music, letting my imagination run, chosing the right colour for an album, seeing in my head the musicians' faces as they perform a solo...

My all time favourite album is Machine Head (or maybe it's Made In Japan - I'm never quite sure - every time I listen to a DP album I think it's the best). Anyway, Machine Head being one of my favourite albums it's with a great deal of fears that I put this DVD in the machine, ready to be dissappointed by the stories, the remarks or whathever might be shown or said.

But my fears were quickly dispelled. This DVD is exactly how I pictured the sessions, recording in a hotel lobby with a lot of emotions and thrilling memories.

I like the mix of old and brand new images - every interview is recent. I love how they show how they started a song, added a solo, where it came from... The only minor bad point would be that nothing is said about Lazy. Maybe there's not much to add.

You can see that Machine Head still means a lot to the Mark 2 members and to Martin Birch. This is a brilliant documentary. It also features rare live footage with an extraordinary version of Smoke On the Water - from the solo to the end.

A great sense of humour and honesty. This documentary proves they didn't cheat while recording the album and that's probably why Machine Head became one the best rock album ever.

Philippe Joseph

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