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They had fun

I've been eagerly anticipating this DVD for a while now. I bought it and watched it the day it was released - and I was not disappointed.

The insight into the making of the album is informative and entertaining. All five members of Ma rk 2 provide stories, anecdotes and technical information about the difficulties and triumphs of making the album. Most songs are discussed in detail, with Maybe I'm A Leo and Lazy being the exceptions.

Roger Glover and Martin Birch provide production information, with Roger often singling out each instrument as it was recorded. It's amazing to hear how the layered sounds add up to these incredible songs. Ritchie demonstrates (on acoustic guitar only) some of his solos as well as the proper way to play Smoke On The Water. Jon Lord shares secrets of the Hammond organ and how it was used in the studio and on stage. Gillan discusses the often amusing way the lyrics came together. Ian Paice is the least talkative of the band members, but the others excitedly discuss his role and contributions to the album.

Even with all the difficulties in recording the album, and the beginning of the internal strife that would soon cause the breakup of Mark 2, each band member fondly recalls that time, and each other. The smiles on their faces as they recall the events tells the story - they had fun recording Machine Head. I cannot recommend this DVD highly enough. I promise, you will not be disappointed.

Joel Hammerman

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