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The Highway Star is officially endorsed by the band and their management, but retains full editorial rights. The people in these pages are fans, not a paid staff -- we are doing this for love of the music.

Name: Stephen Graham
Email: stephen@communic-8.com
What: He's not telling. He's often to be found at the Drouthie Neebors bar in Edinburgh, though, so you can ask him yourself if you drop in and buy him a drink.

Name: Akiko Hada Akiko, Kousa, and Usako
Email: akiko@bunnies.de
What: Akiko is a Japanese artist living in Europe, aiding and abetting us occasionally (along with her valiant assistants Kousa and Usako) when the opportunity arises.

Name: Dave Hodgkinson
Email: daveh@hodgkinson.org
What: Dave, when not working on a secret NATO research project involving lab mice, large doses of MTV and arc-welding equipment, enjoys mountaineering, extreme snowboarding and candlelit dinners with minor European royalty.
Don't believe that? Well, here's what we know for sure: Dave started it all nearly a decade ago. However, his time has been eaten up lately by too many other things (errrr -- i think they call it life?) and so he's taking some time away from the big desk. Last seen wrestling with an ancient Sparc somewhere in Bath, England.

Name: Ed "Janx" Jankauskas
Email: ed@janx.com
What: The original East Coast Promo Man. Well, perhaps not -- he's too young for that. But he does know a mean drink recipe, so we forgive him.

Name: Jouni Maho
Email: jouni.maho@african.gu.se
What: Our resident cunning linguist, and the one responsible for setting up our superlative meticulous THS discographies as well. Currently taking a respite to tackle the easier project of making sense out of the language chaos found in the African continent.

Name: Stathis N. Panagiotopoulos
Email: span@the.forthnet.gr
What: The epitome of the hard-core DP collector, if Stathis doesn't have it it probably doesn't exist, or else you should be asking him for an offer!! Stathis lives in Greece, which probably doesn't explain his obsession.

Name: Trond J. Strøm
Email: trondjs@yahoo.com
What: The other editors have remarked that "when Trond's on holidays, the editorial meetings seemed dead. When Trond returns from holidays, all hell breaks loose; obviously, Trond is still the soul of The Highway Star". Currently taking a sabbatical from the editorial board, Trond is dealing with family chores in Norway.

Name: Andreas Thul
Email: andi@rogerglover.com
Webpage: http://www.shadowfire.de
What: Partial to multimedia labs, Sam Brown, and Jon Lord (not necessarily in that order), Andi hails from Germany. One website being enough for anyone, he's elected to run Roger Glover's website instead.

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