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Album review

(This was originally written in 1996. No significant changes have been made.)

Fairly short running time. Five Purple numbers and four others - the others are credited to "Leo Muller", the German producer of the album.

Side 1 (remember, this is vinyl!)

1. Fireball
A cheap nasty effect stands in for the air conditioner at the start. The drumming is very good, and that's important for this tune. The production sounds cheap - obviously a low-budget job. The vocalist is very clear - you can pick up every word - but he doesn't sound a bit like Big Ian. The guitarist attempts to imitate Ritchie's solo, but comes out with something which makes me think of a kid making funny noises with a stretched elastic band! The organ solo flashes across the speakers in the exaggerated stereo that a lot of very cheap records have. Knowing now that it's Lynott, I've just listened to the bass for the first time, and it's damn good. (Even after listening to the original for 25 years, in 1996 I didn't know that the solo in the middle of Fireball is a bass solo!)

All soundbites are in 32.5Kbps RealAudio.

(26 seconds, 104 Kbytes)
- a lively start to the album

(28s, 112K) - bass solo & part of organ solo

2. Dan
Better known as the traditional Irish song "Danny Boy". A solo guitar instrumental, with lots of echo and feedback that seems to get out of control! My long-suffering wife says it's "like someone learning to play for the first time." There's one hideous peak where it all seems to fall apart, and I fall about laughing. Guaranteed to bring tears to your eyes, but not for the reasons that "Danny Boy" usually does.

(26s, 104K) - the bit where it all falls apart!
3. Black Night
Not bad - verses are quite close to the original, and the guitar lines are spot on. The solos are not as good as the originals, but OK. About the vocalist, my wife reckons "He started out as a choirboy, and should have ended up in traditional clubs singing to little old ladies." Does anyone know what happened to him?

(44s, 183K) - middle section & guitar solo
4. Palamatoon
If this is a cover, I don't recognise it. It is a hideous synth-led instrumental with no discernible tune. Hear Thin Lizzy's rhythm section do a great impersonation of a primitive drum machine! On second thoughts, don't hear it.

(28s, 120K) - anyone know this toon?
5. Strange Kind of Woman
Again, those vocals are oh-so-polite! Good bass, guitar solos are fine. It's just a bit pedestrian and lacking in excitement.

(67s, 269K) - middle section & guitar solo

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