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Funky Junction - The Sound of Today!

Funky Junction responds to our review!

So you've read my story and my review. The album has been a small part of my life for a long time now. It's not a great album, but I have some affection for it, in the same way that you'd be attached to an old battered misshapen teddy bear.

In my review, I was especially critical of the vocalist, Benny White. The review had been online for a few years, and I occasionally received emails about it. So one day in summer 2000, I opened one to read "you were wondering whatever happened to the singer Benny White on the album. This is he...."

After the initial shock, I sat back and lauged out loud. After all these years of my obsession, Funky Junction had actually got in touch with me! Then the embarrassment hit me - what had I said about the singer?

Fortunately, Benny has a sense of humour - he said he was still going to choirboy practice, but hasn't done the old folks' homes yet!

He was kind enough not to take offence at my review, and said that they'd had only one day's rehearsal, and then one day in the studio. "All those years ago, part of the memory collection", he said.

Nowadays, Benny plays bass and sings with a band called the Survivors. They're based in the Dublin area, but they've been as far afield as the USA. Good to know that he's still playing and singing. Why not go and see the Survivors, and find out if Benny will take requests for Fireball? :-)

A couple of pictures from
Benny White's scrapbook.

Click on each photo to see a full-size image

Elmer Fudd and Phil Lynott
Elmer Fudd & Phil Lynott
Somewhere in Galway in the early 70's
b/w photo colourized by Benny's brother Joe
left to right:
Nicky Ryan (now Enya's manager)
John Donnelly (Elmer Fudd's drummer)
Phil Lynott
Jody Pollard (EF's guitarist)
Benny White
Pete - EF's manager
Terry O'Neill (Thin Lizzy's manager)

Benny White in October 2000
Benny White in October 2000

Many thanks to Benny and to the folk who put him in touch with me.

And so to end, as the original review did in 1996, by saying "There - ain't that enough for a 66 pence record?"

Garry Smith - garry@caleyjag.demon.co.uk

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