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[Machine Head]

Stathis N. Panagiotopoulos

Fedor DeLange

Rob Wolleswinkel

Terje Winther

Karin Beks

Brian Hathaway about the vinyl edition

Sounds Magazine, 1972

[Machine Head]

Circus, June 1972

NME, 18 September 1971

The Making of Machine Head

Who wrote Pictures of Home?

[Machine Head]

Single sleeves

"The rolling truck stones thing just outside..."

"Smoke on the water..."

Magazine ad

[Machine Head]

Original album lyrics

Deep Purple - Machine Head 25th Anniv. Edition


[Unused Machine Head cover picture]
Unused Machine Head cover picture

This double CD contains the original album in both remastered and remixed forms, together with a single b-side, rare quad versions and unissued guitar solos. Roger Glover has contributed to the 28 page booklet which includes rare pictures from the recording sessions and the story behind the album which produced the band's biggest ever hit Smoke On The Water.

"May 1997. I am in the studio with Peter Denenberg listening to the original 16 track masters of Machine Head. It's been 25 years since I've heard them. What an experience. I am intrigued to hear exactly what we all played, the details over the years being lost. I am like a kid, excited at hearing the bare bones of one of the most important periods of my life. It all seems so simple and straightforward compared to what can be done now. On the other hand its simplicity is its strength; the ideas are bold, the playing full of energy and to the point. Someone observes that it sounds fresh. That's because it was. it is. It's honest, a band playing together, not just making a record but actually playing together, each one getting off on the others' performance.
    What happened in that cold hotel corridor in 1971 shaped our lives and it is an honour and a joy to give them a second look in the harsher light of the nineties. Innocence doesn't always die, sometimes it lives forever."
    Roger Glover, a fan - May 1997

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