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Slaves And Masters
1. King of dreams
2. The cut runs deep
3. Fire in the basement
4. Truth hurts
5. Breakfast in bed
6. Love conquers all
7. Fortuneteller
8. Too much is not enough
9. Wicked ways

Shades Of Deep Purple

The Book Of Taliesyn

Deep Purple


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Machine Head

Made In Japan

Who Do We Think We Are



Come Taste The Band

Perfect Strangers

House Of Blue Light

The Battle Rages On





Slaves and Masters

1990 RCA

Too Much Is Not Enough

(Turner, Held, Greenwood)

You're so extreme, you're super heavy
You're one step over the line
Not what you seem, don't try and tell me
I know what's really on your mind

Once you get started you're out of control
Don't play that sweet and innocent with me girl
I know you know you want to rock and roll
But I got just what you need

I, I want to feel your love
Too much is not enough
I, I want to feel your touch
Too much is not enough

You've got it bad, you're hopelessly addicted
You're always searching for the cure
Love is the crime, you stand convicted
You keep on coming back for more
Come on admit it, you're over the top

That song and dance won't work with me girl
You just can't quit it, don't know when to stop
But I got the remedy

I, I want to feel your love
Too much is not enough
I, I want to feel your touch
Too much is not enough

Baby stop wasting time
And let me know that you're mine
I need to feel your embrace
How much can I take

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