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Perfect Strangers
1. Knocking at your back door
2. Under the gun
3. Nobody's home
4. Mean streak
5. Perfect strangers
6. A gypsy's kiss
7. Wasted sunsets
8. Hungry daze
9. Not responsible
10. Son of Alerik (Instrumental)

Shades Of Deep Purple

The Book Of Taliesyn

Deep Purple


In Rock


Machine Head

Made In Japan

Who Do We Think We Are



Come Taste The Band

House Of Blue Light

Slaves And Masters

The Battle Rages On





Perfect Strangers

  1984 Polygram Records

Not Responsible


    Found some money in an old black jacket
    I'm going out tonight, gonna find me a woman or two
    I don't know how long it'll last
    But I never regret the past
    When I wake up tomorrow, I'll be looking around for you

    I got no reason to be down at the station
    I got no ticket, but I'm gonna take a fucking ride
    Don't care where I go
    I never seem to know
    I never had a penny, but I never wondered why
    Oh no, I never wondered why

    If I'm cold I need some heat
    If I'm hungry then I eat
    I'm not responsible

    I woke up this morning and I couldn't find my shoes
    It's one long party and I haven't seen the sun for days
    I'd take you out tonight, but I'm just a little light
    So let's go out anyway, you'll be amazed

    I take my woman to the palace dancing
    I never coulda made it but the doorman is a friend of mine
    So I raise a glass to you, the foot is on the other shoe
    You can pay the bill and while you're at it pick up mine
    Oh, no no, I don't mind

    If it rains I stay inside
    If I'm scared I run and hide
    I'm not responsible, oh no

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