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Deep Purple's TV & Radio Appearances

This is a compilation of Deep Purple's (official) appearences on TV and/or radio, plus other videoed material - music as well as interviews. However, it is still somewhat incomplete. See also the Deep Purple Video Collection for a listing of officially available video material.

See also the Thanks Section at the bottom of this document.

Last updated 27th April 1997

Mk I - Blackmore-Evans-Lord-Paice-Simper

Scandinavia 1968
Parts of Deep Purple's first Scandinavian tour ever, during April 1968, was obviously video recorded. An edited clip of the track "Help" (recorded in Denmark) was shown at the Deep Purple Convention in June 1995, but this seems to be all that remains of these recordings.

Playboy After Dark
Deep Purple were video recorded sometime during 1968 at Hugh Heffner's Playboy Club in New York, where they performed "And the Address" and "Hush", of which the latter is available officially on the video rockumentary Heavy Metal Pioneers from Warner Music Vision (1991); see also further below on this.

Top Gear
A radio show recorded on 18th June 1968 and aired on the 30th. DP did "Hush", "One More Rainy Day" and "Help".

David Symond's Show
Another radio show recorded on 25th June 1968. Tracks done were: "Hush" (aired on 1st July), "Kentucky Woman" (aired on 2nd July), "One More Rainy Day" (aired on 3rd July) and "It's All Over Now" (aired on 4th July).

BBC Radio
Deep Purple appeared on BBC on 15th July 1968.

Dutch TV
Deep Purple appeared on Dutch TV sometime during July 1968.

DP appeared in a dating game on US TV, recorded on 17th October 1968. Aired live? Did they have any luck?

Merv Griffin Show
DP recorded for British TV on 16th December 1968. Aired live?

David Frost Show
A British TV appearance during 1968 or 1969. When? What?

BBC Radio
Deep Purple appeared on BBC on 8th January 1969.

Top Gear
DP appeared again for Top Gear. This was recorded on 14th January 1969. They did "Hey Bob-a-roo-bob", "Emmaretta", "Wring That Neck", "Hey Joe" and "It's All Over Now". The four first tracks were aired on 9th February, and all five on 23rd March

Danish TV
Two appearances on Danish TV during 1st-2nd February 1969.

R1 Club
Some radio show called R1 Club aired a live concert on 6th February 1969 from Top Rank Suite in Birmingham.

BBC Radio
Deep Purple appeared on BBC on 9th February 1969.

Sound Like Tony Brandon
DP recorded some tracks for Brandon's radio show on 11th February 1969: "Emmaretta" (aired on 17th), "The Bird Has Flown" (aired on 18th), "Hush" (aired on 19th) and "Hey Bob-a-roo-bob" (aired on 20th).

BBC Radio
Deep Purple appeared on BBC on 21st February 1969.

Sound Like Tony Brandon
DP recorded another set of tracks for Brandon's radio show, this time on 24th June 1969: "Lalena" (aired on 1st July), "The Painter" (aired on 3rd July) and "I'm So Glad" (aired on 4th July).

More BBC Radio
Deep Purple appeared on BBC on 2nd March, 15th March 1969, and 31st March 1969.

Chris Grant's Tasty Pop Sundae
Yet another radio session; recorded on 30th June 1969 and aired on 6th July. Tracks: "The Painter", "I'm So Glad" and "Hush".

BBC Radio
Apparently BBC Radio recorded Mk I's last gig at Top Rank in Cardiff on 4th July 1969.

Mk II.a - Blackmore-Gillan-Glover-Lord-Paice

BBC Radio
The BBC seem to have recorded a live gig on 7th July 1969. Mk II's first official gig ever?

Radio Bremen
Radio Bremen apparently recorded a DP gig on 2nd August 1969.

Bilzen Pop Festival
Half an hour edit from an early Mk II concert apparently exists, which was recorded at the Bilzen Pop Festival in Belgium during August 1969. (It was shown at the DP Convention, June 1995.)

Symonds on Sunday
A small set recorded for British radio on 11th August 1969 and aired on 17th. Tracks: "Ricochet" and "Bird Has Flown".

Stuart Henry Show
A BBC radio show recorded on 29th August 1969 and aired on 7th September. Tracks: "Kneel & Pray" and "Child In Time".

Dave Cash Show
A BBC radio show was recorded during late August 1969. Tracks: "And The Address" (aired on 13th October), "The Painter" (aired on 15th Oct.), "Child In Time" (aired on 15th Oct.), "Kneel & Pray" (aired on 16th Oct.) and "The Bird Has Flown" (aired on 17th Oct.).

Concerto for Group and Orchestra
Lord's Concerto was performed on 24th September 1969 at the Royal Albert Hall (in London) together with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Malcolm Arnold. The entire event was video recorded and aired by British TV (apparently it simultaneously aired in Denmark). The entire Concerto has also been released on album (Harvest 1970; CD from EMI 1991) and later, with two small cuts, on video from Connoisseur Collection (1992).

Stuart Henry Show
A BBC radio show recorded on 31st October and aired on 9th November. Tracks: "Speed King", "John's Stew" and "Livin' Wreck".

Dutch TV recorded some kind of special-sort-of-thing with Deep Purple on 15th/16th January 1970 for a national TV programme called Doebiedoe. Unfortunately, the programme has been wiped out, according to Simon Robinson (Darker Than Blue, issue 46).

Sunday Show
Deep Purple appeared for a BBC radio show called Sunday Show on 22 February 1970 (hosted by John Peel). It had earlier been recorded on 19 February 1970 at the BBC studios in London. The entire event is available on Deep Purple In Concert (EMI 1980; extended CD 1992).

South Bank
A 12 minute colour video exists of "Mandrake Root". It was recorded sometime during 1970 at South Bank (somewhere in the UK).

Sounds of the Seventies
DP apparently recorded for Mike Harding's popular radio show on 21st April 1970, and it was subsequently aired on 28th. Track performed were: "Bloodsucker", "Livin' Wreck" and "Hard Loving Man".

Top Gear
DP appeared on a UK radio show called Top Gear (sometime during 1970). Apparently this was a highly acclaimed radio show at the time. Does anybody know exactly when this was aired and what Deep Purple performed?

Top of the Pops
A special version of "Black Night" was done for Top Of The Pops, which was aired on BBC-TV sometime during 1970. This has later been re-aired several times on a variety of rock-nostalgia programmes world-wide.

Doing Their Thing...
Deep Purple did a studio gig with audience for some TV show called Doing Their Thing... on 21st August 1970, which was recorded and aired by Granada Television. The not-so-complete tracks "Speed King", "Wring That Neck", "Mandrake Root" plus a full version of "Child In Time" are available on the colour video Doing Their Thing from Castle Music Pictures (198?).

Radio 2 South Bank Pops
Another radio show, recorded at the Royal Albert Hall on 17th September 1970.

BBC Radio
DP recorded for the BBC on 23rd September 1970.

Live at the Olympia '70
Roger Glover mentioned at the newsgroup alt.music.deep-purple that he remembered seeing cameras at the Paris Olympia gig (1st November 1970). Maybe it exists, maybe it doesn't.

A complete concert at Konserthuset in Stockholm (Sweden) was audio recorded on 12th November 1970 by Swedish national radio for a programme called Tonkraft. It's been aired, partly or wholly, several times since then (on various Swedish radio programmes). It has also been released in its entirety as Scandinavian Nights (Live in Stockholm) in Europe (Connoisseur Collection 1988), and as Live and Rare in the States (Relativity Records 1992).

Apparently there exists some footage of Deep Purple doing "Into The Fire" for an Italian TV show called Mimo. I know DP toured in Italy during May 1971 - could be they recorded this then. Details anyone?

The Beat Club
The tracks "Highway Star" and "No No No" were done for a German TV show called The Beat Club, which was recorded (and aired?) during September 1971. Both tracks are available on the LP/CD Ritchie Blackmore Vol. 1 (Connoisseur Collection 1989). There are also rumours about "Hallelujah" and "Demon's Eye" being done for The Beat Club.

Top of the Pops
Deep Purple apparently mimed their way through "Strange Kind Of Woman" and "Fireball" for Top of the Pops sometime during 1971. The latter was "recorded" during the Machine head sessions and eventually aired during December 1971.

"Fireball" - live in the studio - was reportedly recorded for some Scandinavian TV show called Hits during 1971/72; not the same recording as the Scandinavian nights video.

Scandinavian Nights in Denmark
A complete show which was performed on 1st March 1972 at the Tivoli Koncertsal in Copenhagen (in Denmark) was recorded by Danish TV. I don't know if it was ever aired, but it is available officially on the purplish b/w video Scandinavian Nights (Live in Denmark) from Connoisseur Collection (1992).

BBC Sounds of the Seventies
Another BBC session was audio recorded on 9th March 1972 at the Paris Theatre in London and aired on the BBc programme Sound of the Seventies, 18th March 1972. The event is available on Deep Purple in Concert (EMI 1980, with two tracks lacking; though complete with chit-chat and all on CD 1992).

Don Kirshner Show
Parts of a US show from Hofstra University in New York recorded in June 1973 was aired on Australian TV during February 1974. Tracks included were: "Strange Kind Of Woman", "Space truckin'" and of course "Smoke On The Water".

Mk III - Blackmore-Coverdale-Hughes-Lord-Paice

California Jam
A complete show was video recorded by/for ABC TV on 6th April 1974, when Deep Purple headed the California Jam at Ontario Motor Speedway, near Los Angeles CA. The complete gig is available on the video California Jam (ABC-TV, 198?). An edited version of this, with "Lay Down Stay Down" lacking, is available on a later rerelease from Connoisseur Collection (1991).

BBC In Concert
BBC audio recorded a complete concert on 22nd May 1974, which was later aired... er, when? The entire gig, minus "Space Truckin'", has been released as Live In London (EMI 1982). A complete release is apparently on its way.

Mk IV - Bolin-Coverdale-Hughes-Lord-Paice

Deep Purple Rises over Japan
At least something from Deep Purple's Japan tour during December 1975 was recorded. Five tracks have been released officially on the video Deep Purple Rises over Japan from Warner Japan (1976?).

King Biscuit Flower Hour
King Biscuit Flower Hour audio recorded parts of a concert in Springfield MA on 26th January 1976. This was originally aimed for a radio broadcast but it was eventually deemed unsuitable (du to bad mixing and whetever else) - edited stuff from these recordings later surfaced on various bootlegs. King Biscuit Flower Hour thus recorded another gig at the Long Beach Arena on 27th February 1976, which was later aired (when?). Moreover, the latter recording has recently been released as On the Wings of a Russian Foxbat in Europe (Connoisseur Collection 1995) and as King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents: Deep Purple in Concert in the States (... 1995).

Mk II.b [or Mk V] - Blackmore-Gillan-Glover-Lord-Paice

Live in Sydney
A complete show (or so I'm told) was video recorded during December 1984 in Sydney (Australia). Parts of this was used in the promo video for "Knocking at Your Back Door".

Entertainment Tonight [a US TV show]
All Purple members except... guess who? Anyway, they were interviewed by some Mary Hart on US TV during January 1985. The programme also included cuts from earlier DP videos, incl. a cut with "Into the Fire".

Live in Providence
Two shows were video recorded on 3rd/4th March 1985 in Providence RI (USA), 3rd/4th March 1985. One of these was recorded in it's entirity (by MTV). Parts from these recordings were used in the promo video for "Nobody's Home". Unfortunately though, they can't be released due to some legalities.

Much Music [a Canadian TV show]
During the Canadian leg of the reunion tour (March 1985), Deep Purple were interviewed on some Canadian TV show. Contains no music as far as I know.

Live in Paris
Two shows were video recorded by German TV on 8th/9th July 1985 in Paris (France). Parts herefrom have been aired on various TV channels throughout Europe, e.g. the BBC programme The Old Grey Whistle Test which also included interviews with Glover and Blackmore.

Mk V [or Mk VI] - Blackmore-Glover-Lord-Paice-Turner

Live in Ostrava
The tour opening gig from Ostrava (Czeckoslovakia) on 29th January 1991 was video recorded by Czeck TV and aired the following week on 4th February 1991

Live in Israel
A complete gig from Israel (Tel Aviv?) done during October 1991 was video recorded by Israeli TV... but has it ever been aired?

Mk II.c [or Mk VII] - Blackmore-Gillan-Glover-Lord-Paice

A 1/2 hour documentary by Anders Tegnér on Deep Purple with interviews and snippets from the rehearsals to the 1993 Battle-tour. It was aired on Scandinavian Z-TV sometime during late 1993.

MTV's Headbanger's Ball
MTV apparently recorded some bits from the tour rehearsals in Austria (September 1993) and aired on Headbanger's Ball during October 1993. Featured tracks - or rather bits thereof - included "Anya", "A Twist In The Tale" & "The Battle Rages On",.

Come Hell or High Water
An almost complete show from Birmingham (UK), recorded on 9th November 1993, is available on the video Come Hell Or High Water (BMG 1994).

Mk VI [or Mk VIII] - Gillan-Glover-Lord-Paice-Satriani

Italian boots
Apparently, some nice (and some not so nice) boot videos from Italy exist.

Austrian Radio
A complete concert was audio recorded during the spring of 1994 in Graz and aired live on Austrian radio.

Mk VII [or Mk IX] - Gillan-Glover-Lord-Morse-Paice

Deep Purple Unplugged
An live unplugged four-piece was audio recorded for a South African radio programme during February 1995.

Live in Korea
A live show - or parts thereof - was video recorded from the Korean tour; it was aired on Korean TV.

Live in Bombay
A complete show (hopefully for future official release) was video recorded in Bombay (India) on 8th April 1995.

Moscow Nights
A complete show in Moscow was videoed by Russian TV on 23rd June 1996, and subsequently aired in two parts during August that same year.

Die Harald Schmidt Show
DP appeared on a German TV show performing "Smoke On The Water" and "Vavoom: Ted The Mechanic". The show ended in the middle of the latter track.


Rock Family Trees [British TV rockumentary]
A British rockumentary based on Pete Frame's rock family trees, containing interviews and various clips from concerts and TV appearances, and documenting the purple history from pre-DP times till just before Mk VII. It was aired on BBC 2 (British TV) during July 1995. It might possibly be available on video in the future. Let's hope so at least.

The following people have submitted valuable info...

  • Michael Collins <collins@oxmol.co.uk>
  • Jim Corrigan <bx416@freenet.carleton.ca>
  • Mike Eriksson through his Swedish DPAS fanzine Deep Purple Forever!.
  • Graham <grc@mail.cybersurf.co.uk>
  • James Hawthorn <bluesman@connexus.apana.org.au>
  • Dirk Kahler <g.kahler@sparkasse-magdeburg.de>
  • Jouni X Maho <jouni@ling.gu.se>
  • Paul Moll <fireball@xs4all.nl>
  • Jim Rice <ad092@ccn.cs.dal.ca>
  • Simon Robinson through his international DPAS fanzine Darker Than Blue.
  • Gilles Snowcat <Gilles.Snowcat@ping.be>
  • Nick Soveiko <nsoveiko@doe.carleton.ca>
  • Jeffrey "Bigtime" Stover <stover@CyberGate.COM>

...plus ALL the people frequenting the newsgroup alt.music.deep-purple.

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