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This is an archive. The current track-by-track analysis can be found here...

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This an alphabetical list of every known song ever recorded or performed by Deep Purple.

This song list was originally conceived and designed by Jouni Maho. Maintained since May 1998 by Brian Currin. This list was modified and updated in December 2002 and can now be found here...

The Band

Mark Dates Vocals Keyboards Guitars Bass Drums
Mk I Mar 69 to Jun 69 Rod Evans Jon Lord Ritchie Blackmore Nicky Simper Ian Paice
Mk II Jun 69 to Jun 73 Ian Gillan Jon Lord Ritchie Blackmore Roger Glover Ian Paice
Mk III Jul 73 to Apr 75 David Coverdale Jon Lord Ritchie Blackmore Glenn Hughes Ian Paice
Mk IV Aug 75 to Mar 76 David Coverdale Jon Lord Tommy Bolin Glenn Hughes Ian Paice
Mk IIb Apr 84 to Oct 88 Ian Gillan Jon Lord Ritchie Blackmore Roger Glover Ian Paice
Mk V Oct 90 to Aug 92 Joe Lynn Turner Jon Lord Ritchie Blackmore Roger Glover Ian Paice
Mk IIc Aug 92 to Nov 93 Ian Gillan Jon Lord Ritchie Blackmore Roger Glover Ian Paice
Mk VI Dec 93 to Aug 94 Ian Gillan Jon Lord Joe Satriani Roger Glover Ian Paice
Mk VII Dec 94 to Feb 2002 Ian Gillan Jon Lord Steve Morse Roger Glover Ian Paice
Mk VIII Mar 2002 onwards Ian Gillan Don Airey Steve Morse Roger Glover Ian Paice

Some sources refer to the different versions of Mark 2 as new incarnations each time, and therefore number the versions sequentially ie. Mk 2 in 1984 then becomes Mk 5 and so on. You work it out! I still prefer the other method.

Don Airey played keyboards during the European Tour in August & September 2001, due to Jon Lord having had a knee operation. Jon announced his retirement in March 2002 and Don Airey was confirmed as his permanent replacement.


  • Svante Petterson
  • Trond StrÝm
  • Jouni Maho
  • Wolf Schneider
  • Janell Duxbury
  • Joel Hammerman
  • Martin Ashberry
  • Heikki Heino
  • Nigel Young
  • Piotr Bizacki
  • Mike Richards
  • ...and many others too numerous to mention.

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