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UK reviews 2002 (rescheduled)

No slim pickings in Switzerland

This was the second show I attended on this tour, the first being in Detroit in July. I was in France on a business trip and was fortunate to be able to drive down to Switzerland and see the band. Getting there early and being festival seating, I was able to get a spot at the front barrier directly in front of Ian Paice's kit. What a performance! This was my sixth show since the Abandon release, three in Europe and three in USA, and they just keep getting better. This was their fourth night in a row and I expected them to be tired, but they sure didn't act tired. Incredible.

I love seeing the band in Central Europe because the fans there are true DP fans, and really get into the show, much better than the States. During the encore, as the band was doing a slow intro, the crowd started singing the chorus to Black Night. The roar of the crowd was louder than the band, and they seemed a bit surprised. With a quick nod all around, the band charged straight into Black Night, which was as tight as Ian's snare drum, and showed that they really enjoy playing to the crowd's desire. After this they finished with Highway Star.

Ian did say that they would be working on there next release in the next few months. The final treat for me was that I finally was able to catch a pick after being unsuccessful so many times. I will give it to my 14-year-old daughter who has been to three shows with me and plays electric guitar very well. She will be thrilled. Thanks Roger.

DP has been my favorite band since I first bought Book Of Taliesyn in 1969. I don't know how long they can keep recording and touring, but as long as they do, I will keep going. Thanks guys, you are the greatest. Thanks to you too, Rasmus, for bringing them closer to all of us. [It's a pleasure, thanks for writing. Rasmus]

Jim Wells

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