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UK reviews 2002 (rescheduled)

Not just anyone's daughter

Just a few short lines from an older member of the Purple clan.

I bought two tickets for this show when they first came on sale, to take my 13-year-old daughter to her first concert and first Deep Purple show. As it was postponed and 13-year-olds have other things to occupy them, her initial interest waned by September. Don't get me wrong, but unlike her mam, she loves Purple in the car.

We both took our seats for The Planets but after three numbers decided it was above our heads (how can a flute and a clarinet sound so discordant?) and retired to the bar.

Took our seats at 8:15 and from previous experience I thought we'd have a long wait for Purple, but no, bang on 8:30 and straight into Fireball. I looked at Tanya and her face was a picture - mouth open and wide eyes.

I have seen Don in the past with Rainbow and even though Tanya hadn't seen him before, she thought like me he was trying a bit too hard. Local lad and family in the audience perhaps? I don't know, but I like him better when he is a bit more relaxed. Even Tanya thought Jon was excellent and I have to agree as he makes it look so easy.

A phenomenal bass solo from Roger and I thought Ian's drum solo was reasonably short compared to ones in the past, but everything seemed too short cos I wanted it to last forever.

The American tribute by Steve was so right and what a change to have a happy guitarist!

Tanya's one gripe was that they didn't play Pictures Of Home as it has been a favourite of her's for years now.

I could go on forever about the night or the fact my first ticket to see them here in a near identical seat cost me 50 pence - ah the good old days. [Send us a review! Rasmus]

Tanya now wants to know when the reunion gig of all past members is and can we get tickets. If I've taught her nothing else, I can feel a proud dad cos of September 11 2002.

Brian Cizakowsky

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