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UK reviews 2002 (rescheduled)

Throwing goose bumps

In this era we live in, humans distinguish all kinds of temples. Often religious or ancient fortresses, and often important in the lives of its original inhabitants or users, as there are Mayas, Incas and a lot of other historical civilizations. My guess is that in about 500 years from now, The Regent in Ipswich will have a function similar to what we nowadays know as temples. The Regent should get slowly ready for its new function. The building should be entered with great care and respect.

This is one of my conclusions after witnessing a great emotional and moving moment in modern music history. The goodbye show of a legend.

I will not add anything to those who wonderfully wrote their thoughts and feelings about the show, which were great to read. The show was nice, the athmosphere maybe even better. Jon's moments on stage was like throwing goose bumps at an audience in awe.

Having balcony seats, the whole concert almost passed by as were it a movie. While seeing the intense playing, the gestures of the crowd, the band and in particular Jon, I couldn't help myself thinking about my love for this band, and the great moments it has brought to me. Fantastic.

Watching Jon very slowly step backwards - hand on heart - might have taken another few hours as far as I'm concerned. Eternal credits.

Normally bandmembers leave a band because of muscial differences or sudden deaths, but this send-off itself is worth a chapter in the big book of rock music. I consider myself lucky to have travelled to the UK to be able to participate in Lord's goodbye.

Thank you Purple, thank you Jon.

Fedor de Lange

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