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UK reviews 2002 (rescheduled)

Git in Glasgow

Support band are a bunch of girls on cello, flute, double bass with a 'double neck' Jimmy Page guitar and a few guys on drums, keyboards, etc. giving it classic numbers with a rock undertone. The girl guitarist hair is something else as it's blonde and halfway down her bum. She looks about 13 though... God, I'm getting cynical.... or just an old git...

8.30 start finished about 10.30 ish, not bad for blokes about top end of their 50s. Glaswegians were on top form and made us English types very welcome too. Very loud but crystal clear, cheers to the sound guys - good job lads. Buzzing ears when I got home one and a half hours drive later. Show was the definite bees bollox, although not as together as a band as I have seen them.

Set list more or less as other nights from what I can remember and read. Lots of old stuff. One new instrumental track (no words yet guys?). Couple of recent ones too. Bass solo from Roger, never seen that before, drum solo as usual in there. Don's solo was good too (took me back to Rainbow at Monsters Of Rock all those years ago) before the transformation into Jon.

Lazy still my favourite after all these years and this was a goodie. During the guitar solo did I detect a impression of bagpipes and Scottish tunes in there...? Dan MaCafferty of Nazareth arrived on stage for Love Hurts rendition. Guitar solo then went into Stairway To Heaven and I thought a Led Zepper would turn up... not so...

Mr Lord showed up and joined in during the encores too. Ian's voice is in fine fettle along with mr. Paice's drumming which is spot on too. Roger was well enjoying himself with loads of smiles. Will miss that Jon pushing up his dark glasses on his nose...followed by the sleeve being pushed up... then that Hammond way of his.... little things, eh... [You are so right, reading this is like seeing him up there. Rasmus, touched]

Thanks for the last 26 years of enjoyment you guys have brought into my life, no words can ever express it ... here's to the future... Will miss your charisma it's got to be said Jon... look after yourself... and the concerto was an absolute sensation a couple of years ago.

All in all a good night.. Love the Highway Star finish, thought that was usually an opener. Perhaps some subtle undercurrents there... Looking forward to Ipswich Thursday next week last night too. [See you there. Rasmus]

Ian Gibbs

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