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Best, best, best

First off, I would like to thank the sponsors and everyone else involved in making it possible for Deep Purple to visit Dubai. I feel very fortunate and privileged to have witnessed such a brilliant display of pure pulsating music from the heart.

The show was captivating. The energy was electrifying. Ian is absolute dynamite even at this age. He can enthrall the audience with his breathtaking performance. The music is spell binding and the sound mind-blowing.

However, a few flaws must be pointed out as to the quality of the sound that was jarring at times and Ian's voice was barely audible above the din of the sound system. Also, they rushed through most of the tracks including Woman From Tokyo at 150 mph and did not stick to the studio versions. There were moments where his pitch was off as well. Sometimes, he swallowed portions of the lyrics.

Steve Morse and his crazy guitar riffs were no doubt, entertaining but he increased the intensity to ridiculous speeds at times and finishing off the much-loved classics in this manner was not doing the fans justice. Don Airey leaves much to be desired in the keyboard solos (we missed the brilliance of the master, Jon Lord).

It’s rather unfortunate that we haven’t had the pleasure of watching the classic Mark 2 line-up in action and a chance to experience a signature Deep Purple show. It’s sad but true, that any other line-up will always be second rate. What distinctly distinguishes them from the other rock groups is the inarguable fact that while other bands need to constantly inject new material into their act, Deep Purple ride high solely on the crest of their classics. The fans keep increasing by the day, starting from 18 year olds who yearn for a taste of the legendary magic.

Age has imposed its natural limitations but certainly not tamed the giants and millions of fans across the world bear witness to the fact that even a little wrinkled Deep Purple is not only better than most, but the absolute best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be in rock music.

Debbie Pereira

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