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Do go to Goa!

Am lost for words on this one. I drove 600km overnight to Goa for this show and I can say without any doubt that this was the best show I have ever been to in my life.

I work for the firm which provided the sound & lights for Deep Purple's visit to Bangalore, India in May 2001. Unfortunately I was out of the country at the time and I missed them . I was determined not to miss them out this time. For some reason my firm was not hired to provide sound & lights for the show at Goa so I was desperate to see the show on my own. Took off from work on Saturday night and drove non stop from Bangalore to be in time for the show. Managed to reach Goa by afternoon. The gates opened late but we stood there with the rest of the die hard Purple fans to get in as fast as possible to stand right in front with the gods of metal. We managed to get a spot right in front of Steve Morse. we were a few feet from the guy!!!

Goa was hot and the boys from Purple were sweating it out like any of us! The show started and I didn't stop rocking till it ended!!

Steve threw in lots of plectrums and I managed to get a hold of one but it fell into the barricade and a stupid security guy picked it up and gave it to the first girl he saw. ( Steve if you read this please send me a pick.)

The very thought of seeing these guys live made me go nuts! Steve Morse was simply fantastic. The band really rocked. Woman From Tokyo, Ted The Mechanic and Highway Star were excellent.

I really really hope they will come again to India.

All my dreams have been fulfilled with this this one show - I can now die a happy man.

Sherman de Souza

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