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Come Taste The Band Tour

November 1975
8 Honolulu, Hawaii USA
13 Western Springs Stadium, Auckland New Zealand
17 Queen Elizabeth II Park, Christchurch New Zealand
19 Hordern Pavilion, Sydney Australia
20 Hordern Pavilion, Sydney Australia #
21 Hordern Pavilion, Sydney Australia
25 Festival Hall, Melbourne, Australia #
26 Festival Hall, Melbourne Australia #
27 Memorial Drive, Adelaide Australia

December 1975
4 National Exhibition Auditorium, Jakarta Indonesia
5 National Exhibition Auditorium, Jakarta Indonesia
8 Shikokaido Hall, Nagoya Japan #
11 Koseinenkin Hall, Osaka Japan #
12 Kyudenkinen Gymnasium, Fukuoka Japan #
15 Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan #
[ Available as "This Time Around" / "Last Concert In Japan" (LP) ]
19 Hong Kong, Hong Kong - cancelled

Backstage before a show in Japan

January 1976
14 Fayetteville Arena, Fort Bragg, North Carolina USA
15 venue?, Largo, Maryland USA
16 Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, Penn USA
18 Spectrum Arena, Philadelphia, PA USA #
19 Providence, Rhode Island NY USA
22 Radio City, New York, NY USA
23 Radio City, New York, NY USA #
24 Music Hall, Boston, MA USA
26 Civic Centre, Springfield, MA USA
27 Park Arena, Hershey, PA USA
28 War Memorial, Rochester, NY USA
30 Coliseum, Greensborough, North Carolina USA
31 Freedom Hall, Johnson City TN USA

February 1976
1 St Johns Arena, Columbus, OH USA
3 Civic Arena, Atlanta, GA USA
4 Civic Centre, Birmingham, Alabama USA
6 Civic Centre, Lakeland, FL USA
8 Jai Alli Sportorium, Miami, FL USA #
12 Detroit, MI USA
13 Dayton, OH USA
15 Dane County Coliseum, Madison, WI USA
17 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA
18 Convention Center, San Antonio, Texas USA
19 Worth County Auditorium, Abilene, Texas USA
21 Tarant County Convention Center, Fort Worth, Texas, USA
22 Coliseum, Houston, Texas USA
24 Cow Palace, El Paso, Texas USA
27 Long Beach Arena, Los Angeles CA USA

[ Available as "On The Wings Of A Russian Foxbat" / "King Biscuit Flower Hour" (USA)
28 Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino CA, USA #
29 Tempe, Arizona USA

March 1976
2 Salt Lake City, Utah USA
4 Denver, Colorado USA
11 Granby Hall, Leicester UK
12 Empire Pool, Wembley, London UK #
13 Empire Pool, Wembley, London UK #
14 Apollo, Glasgow UK #
15 Empire Theatre, Liverpool UK #

# denotes a bootlegged show
Note: The Highway Star cannot supply copies of bootlegs
Thanks to Martin Ashberry's tourdates pages


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