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The Slaves & Masters tour kicked off on 4th February 1999 in Ostrava in the Czech Republic, before winding its way across Europe and Scandinavia, finally ending the first leg in the UK with 7 dates from the 10th to 17th March where they were supported by Vixen.

After a months break, the band headed off to the USA for a handful of dates, before heading onto Japan, Thailand and Singapore. The tour then headed over to Brazil, then back to Europe before finally finishing in Israel on the 29th September 1991. 

The arrival of a new singer meant a total revamp of the live set - something the old singer had been desperate to do. Burn was now used to open the set and six new songs were featured. The usual selection of classics was added to this, so the basic set looked a bit like...

Black Night
~occasionally including a short bit of Long Live Rock n' Roll
Truth Hurts
The Cut Runs Deep
~ often including Hush and occasionally Child in Time
Perfect Strangers
Fire in The Basement
~Bass solo
King of Dreams
Love Conquers All (with JLT on acoustic guitar).
Difficult to Cure
~Keyboard Solo
Knocking At Your Back Door
Highway Star
Smoke on the Water
~Drum Solo and Woman from Tokyo.

Wicked Ways was performed after Lazy at some of the earlier shows, and Space Truckin' was done once - at the last show. The odd bit of Fortuneteller was heard at some shows, but the full song was never performed. King of Dreams was dropped from the main set for the US tour, but turned up again as an encore in Japan. At various shows, Joe would perform a number of covers, which included Hey Joe, Stand By Me, A Whiter Shade of Pale, Tutti Frutti and Yesterday.

Turner claimed that Fireball and Too Much is Not Enough were also rehearsed, but never performed. During one of the early promotional appearances on Rockline in the US, he also expressed an interest in singing Pictures of Home. Again, this was never performed on the tour, but Joe did perform it on Yngwie Malmsteen's Inspirations album, and the result was a lot better than some of the stuff he did actually tackle on stage. 

In contemporary interviews, Jon Lord said that the band had told Joe to go over the band's entire back catalogue and choose the songs he wanted to do. In another interview, Ritchie said that the set-list was basically down to him, so I guess he vetoed the more interesting suggestions. In the same interview, Blackmore claimed that Joe and he wanted to do some old Rainbow numbers. Ritchie reckons he could have eventually persuaded Jon to agree, but Ian Paice refused point blank.

In all, just over fifty shows were performed by Deep Purple Mk V. According to Mike Richards Live Tape Analysis (available from the DPAS), tapes from forty-six of the shows are doing the rounds between traders. Interestingly, both the first and last shows were recorded by local TV and radio companies, so it is possible to a relative extent, to see how this version of the band grew and developed over the tour.

Sadly, to my ears, the last concert does little more that I thought at the time - live at least, Turner was not suited for the band. The larger than life American Rock Star persona he used did not gel well with the rest of the band on stage. He still struggled with the same songs and at times sounded as awkward as many fans felt watching him. 

Musically, however, the shows had much to offer. They may not have reached the heights of some of the shows on the 1993 Battle Rages On tour, but being free of Gillan did seem to relax Blackmore enough for his to let rip more often than he had in 87 or 88. Also, to be fair, Turner generally did a very good job on his own songs, regardless on whether or not you think they are Deep Purple songs. 
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