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What was everyone else up to in 1980?

Ok, Rod Evans tried to create a Deep Purple of his own but what was the other members up to in the summer of 1980?

Ritchie Blackmore
Ritchie had recruited Graham Bonnett to replace Ronnie James Dio in his band Rainbow. Rainbow headlined the first "Monsters of rock" concert in Donington, England in August 1980.

David Coverdale
David was fronting his own band Whitesnake, a band that was very successful in Europe at this time.

Ian Gillan
Ian was in his band "Gillan" and had just released an album called "Glory Road". A limited edition of the album featured the bonus LP "For Gillan fans only".

Roger Glover
Roger was playing bass in Ritchie Blackmore's band Rainbow.

Glenn Hughes

Jon Lord
Jon in Whitesnake together with David Coverdale and Ian Paice.

Steve Morse

Ian Paice
Paice was the drummer in David Coverdale's band Whitesnake.

Nick Simper

Joe Lynn Turner

In the news

What was in the news the summer of 1980?

June 1Start of Musicians' Union strike in protest against BBC cuts
June 8US computer sent out second false war alert in a week
June 22Liberals won Japanese general election
June 23Sanjay Gandhi, son of Indian PM, died in plane crash
June 30Ms. Vigdis Finnbogadottir elected head of state in Iceland
July 3 Mr. George Howard appointed chairman of BBC
July 17Military coup in Bolivia
July 19Opening of 22nd Olympic Games in Moscow
July 22Lifting of arms embargo on Chile
July 23Dispute between Musicians' Union and BBC settled
July 30New Hebrides became independent nation of Vanuatu
August 4UK Queen Mother's 80th birthday
August 31Polish government agreed to establish independent trade unions and recognise right to strike

Thanks to Rasmus Heide and Jouni Maho.
World events facts from .

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