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Deep Purple / Fleetwood Mac
Auditorium Theater, Chicago, USA.

Fall, 1971

Newsgroups: alt.music.deep-purple
Subject: Recollections of Chicago DP concerts
From: garagesail@aol.com (Mark B. Weber)
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 1996 19:17:53 GMT

Just wanted to pass some of my recollections on about Deep Purple concerts:

Deep Purple/Fleetwood Mac - sometime in the fall of 1971, Auditorium Theatre, Chicago

A very memorable show. Deep Purple's first headlining gig in Chicago (correct me if I'm wrong). Fleetwood Mac was just beginning the Bob Welch phase of its band with that British blues meets laid back California sound. Fleetwood Mac was late getting on as their equipment never showed up and DP let them use theirs. FM gave it their best shot with DP's gear, but they were not very inspiring that evening.

After a 30 minute or so intermission, Deep Purple came out and announced to the crowd that Ian Gillan was in the hospital and wouldn't be there that night (I believe he was diagnosed with Yellow Jaundice), and that this would be a mostly "instrumental performance".

And it was a truly great performance. There was great intensity and energy out of the band that night as much of the flashy part of the performance was replaced with intense listening of the band to each other. They were definitely stretching themselves and the music was truly intense.

I believe Roger Glover sung one song near the end of the show and DP did two seperate encores that night.

Mark B. Weber

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