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Faces / Deep Purple / Southern Comfort
Auditorium Theater, Chicago, USA.

20. and 21. July 1971

Newsgroups: alt.music.deep-purple
Subject: Recollections of Chicago DP concerts
From: garagesail@aol.com (Mark B. Weber)
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 1996 19:17:53 GMT

Just wanted to pass some of my recollections on about Deep Purple concerts:

Faces/Deep Purple/Southern Comfort, July 20&21,1971 Auditorium Theatre, Chicago.

Ticket prices at that time were $6.50 (main floor),$5.50 (1st balcony), $4.50 (second balcony and gallery). The concert was so undersold that I traded my my 12th row seat in at the ticket boot for a 6th row center.

Southern Comfort was an okay band in their time with the southern tinged folk rock that was mildly received.

Deep Purple took the stage and I believe started with Speed King. The energy in the auditorium went from 0-100 in about half a second and they played louder than most anyone I had ever heard before (hey, I was only 15 yrs. old at the time). It was a very high energy, high volume performance which was very well received by the audience (encore that night). DP's performance definitely pushed Stewart and the faces to really work hard that night and put on their own great performance (Faces with Stewart first album had just been released). This is about all I can presently recall.

Mark B. Weber

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