What's Glenn Hughes up to?

Glenn Hughes put out a solo album called From Now On early in 1994, he's drug free, a born again Christian, and has a better voice than ever. Hell, the last report we had is that his hair has gotten as long as it was on the California Jam video. Last, but not least: He made it as the first Deep Purple member that got in touch with alt.music.deep-purple!

From Now On was recorded with Swedish musicians, many of them from Europe (the band!). Covers of Burn and You Keep On Moving was done for the CD ; the first is on the Dutch CD and a Swedish CD single, while both are on the Japanese CD. Musically From Now On basically is traditional hard rock, the only truly outstanding feature is Glenn's voice, of course. Still, it's a decent album, and very popular among Glenn's growing number of fans.

Glenn did some gigs with the reunited Trapeze during the Spring of 1994; their albums have just been reissued on CD in the USA. There's rumours about a live CD from this tour.

Glenn has also toured Japan, and thirteen tracks from the tour ended up on a live CD entitled Burning Japan Live . This was originally a Japan release only, but will be released in the West soon, according to Glenn himself.

His shows seemed to become more and more Purple dominated, in Japan he even played songs that David Coverdale used to sing in Purple, like Stormbringer and Lady Double Dealer . He also toured in Europe during the Autumn of 1994.

His last appearances was on two tribute albums on Shrapnel records: Cream of the Crop : A Tribute (to Cream, of course), and perhaps more interesting for Purple fans: Smoke on the Water : A Tribute . On the latter, he sings Stormbringer , assisted by John Norum on guitar.

Glenn Hughes is currently working on a new studio album, this time with American musicians. Ritchie Kotzen and Stevie Salas seem to be among them. A change in style from "From Now On" is to be expected

Glenn Hughes on the newsgroup!

Yes, you read correctly. One of the subscribers to the alt.music.deep-purple newsgroup met Glenn after the last gig on his tour in Sweden last year, and told him about the newsgroup. Someone had already sent him WWW-pages maestro Dave Hodgkinson's review of Glenn's gig at Milton Keynes in the UK, so he was aware of our existence. It turned out Glenn was very eager to learn what was written about him on the newsgroup, so he supplied our man with his fax number, urging him to forward reviews, comments and questions.

Message from Glenn Hughes:

Here's the most relevant part of the latest message from Glenn, from 21. December 1994:

To all Deep Purple Fans

I would like to thank all of you, who purchased the Mark III and Mark IV albums which I performed on.

I am currently writing and in production for my next studio album to be released in the early summer of 95. My live album (currently on import) Burning in Japan [sic] will be out in the New Year. Six Purple songs are performed here to great satisfactory perfomances.

You must remember that Purple asked me to join to add a new dimension to the sound, which I did. I have the greatest respect for Ian and Roger. But David and myself are different writers, performers and singers. I wish all the Purple family the very best, and to you all Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!

Glenn Hughes

To contact Glenn Hughes, send e-mail to Christer Lorichs in Sweden, either via the mailto-link in the WWW-FAQ, or by filling out an e-mail in the conventional manner to his address: Christer Lorichs

Christer will forward your messages to Glenn, answers are usually forwarded to the newsgroup.

Glenn Hughes e-mail fanzine available now!

A couple of Glenn Hughes fanatics from the newsgroup have now started up an electronic Glenn Hughes fanzine, entitled Coast to Coast , after the Trapeze number.

Info about Coast to Coast:

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Last updated: 11. May 1996
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