Who has been in Deep Purple?

Deep Purple was and is:

Deep Purple Mark I (April 1968 - June 1969):

Deep Purple Mark II (June 1969 - 30. June 1973)

Deep Purple Mark III (October 1973 - 5. April 1975)

Deep Purple Mark IV (1975 - 19. July 1976)

Deep Purple Mark V (reunion) (April 1984 - April 1989)

Same lineup as Mk II above:

(Often referred to as Mk V at the time, as fans didn't think they quite stood up to the past. From now on I'll use this on the newsgroup as well, as DPAS seem to use this notation...)

Deep Purple Mark VI (Autumn 1989 - Autumn 1992)

Deep Purple Mark VII (re-reunion?) (Autumn 1992 - 17. November 1993)

Same lineup as Mk II and Mk V above;

Deep Purple Mark VIII (2. December 1993 - July 1994)

(This lineup was originally just for the Japanese tour, that had been announced before Blackmore quit in November. They ended up enjoying it so much that they threw in a full European tour during the Summer of 1994, before things came to a halt because of Satriani's contractural obligations.

Deep Purple Mark IX (October 1994 - )

This is the current line up. Steve Morse of the Dixie Dregs will be the guitar player on Deep Purple's next studio album, and more tours are on the way. The lineup had it's live debut in Mexico in November 1994, and will play three dates in Florida in the beginning of March 1995.

Last updated: 17. February 1995
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