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Review AHOY 12/10/98

I have been to the 12 october show in R'dam.

Saxon kicked off very nicely. The sound was not great from the spot I was standing (right in front of Steve (still to come)). In fact one guitar player wasn't audible at all.

Somewhat past 21:00 Purple started with Ted. The setlist was the same as in the rest of the tour with exeption of Black Night in the encore (instead of 7th Heaven).

With all due respect to Arjan Biekens: they played 4 songs from /-\ !!, and I know beceause I happened to catch the setlist which was taped on the floor in front of Steve and was thrown in the crowd by Steve afterwards (along with a handfull of signature picks)

The show was really great. I have seen them quite some times but this time the energy level was really 'superb' as Big Ian would say. After seeing both G3 and Yngwie in the past few months I can say that this gig made my year!!

Ron Dollee

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