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Review of the concert in Rotterdam

This evening I was at the concert at the Ahoy in Rotterdam, Holland.

On 8.00 PM the support act was starting, this was Saxon they had a good show with lots of pretty numbers but I think there where not enough older stuff, most of the songs where from the newer albums.

At 9.20 Deep Purple started their concert. They opened with Ted the mechanic from the Purpendicular album. After that they played an old new one, everybody know I mean Bludsucker. Then followed some numbers from the latest album Abandon with some older songs mixed in between. My meaning is that they play too long solos in the new numbers but after the guitar solo they start playing older stuff. When you were there you can feel that everyone knows these numbers and come for these numbers, like Smoke on the water, Speed king, Perfect strangers, Black night. They only played one song from the new album after the guitar solo and that was Almost human. As a gift they played Black night and Highway star after that the concert was over. I enjoyed this concert, I had a great night and I hope they come back soon because then I will be there again.

For now I will go to sleep and when I wake up the first thing I will do is take a album from DP and listen again to repeat a little bit of the concert.

Arjan Biekens

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