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Abandon 1999: Total Abandon
Pontoglio - Sunday 18 July 1999

For the second time I saw DP in this tour in Italy (the 4th time of Abandon Tour).
As always, I have no words to describe the usual performance of my dear sweet and hard (rock) DP.
The same sequence of songs in Milano (see my review of Milano).
My son Daniele (13 years old) and I made a poster coloured purple and blue with our compliment to mitic "IAN GILLAN".
But the more fantastic thing happened to me is:
For the first time in my life (after about 50 times that I've seen DP on tour) I met all of DP backstage. I was very excited, however I was able to have a autograph of all the band members on my son's poster. A friend of mine photographed Ian Gillan and me, Roger Glover and me, Ian Paice and me, Jon Lord and me and Steve Morse and me.
I can say all DP are very very simple persons, very kind with all people speaking with them. When I spoke to Mr. Ian Gillan, I said to him: "You are the myth of my life". He said me: "Oooohhhh... Superb!!"
Steve Morse gave me his guitar pick. Roger Glover also gave me his guitar pick that I presented to my purple friend Carlo Alberto, always with me in every concert of DP.
Jon Lord, with a big suitcase, stopped himself to take a photo with me: great gentleman!
Ian Paice: the same: very very kind.
One of the best day of my life , spent with purple music all days in my ears! Magic DP! I love you more and more and more!!!!
Long life to DP: great musicians and great gentlemen.

Gianfranco Barinotti

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