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Milano 16 july 1999

Abandon 1999: Total Abandon: Great Performance, as always, of my dear greatest fantastic wonderful DP.
The beginning is strange: "The boys are back in town"!
But, when start "Pictures of Home" I found my magic music.
Ted - Strange - Bloodsucker - 69 (with something of "The Mule").
But now Ian "the Voice, the Super Voice" Gillan begins to be himself:
Woman from Tokyo: superb. Sometimes: excellent. Watching the sky: tears in my eyes for emotion.
Space Truckin': People is all crazy! Steve and Roger are fantastic.
Steve solo: by now I don't regret Ritchie (I saw Ritchie in Vigevano 3 July: my old Ritchie!! Awful music but always great Ritchie: Ritchie learnt to speak on stage at 54 years old: may be Candice???).
Lazy: the my usual great fantastic Ian Gillan (why did You cut your hair? I' m just your age but my hair is always long!!!!). My friend Silvana and my daughter Valentina say that You are always beautiful, also with short hair.
Smoke: for all old and young People.
Jon solo: the best organist of the world.
Perfect strangers: I said that God exists because Purple Music exists.
Speed King: with Roger solo and Ian Paice solo: marvellous!!
Ian sings "O sole mio" in English: vey nice!!
Bis: Black night and Highway Star: Ciao DP: I love you forever.
See you in Brescia Sunday with my usual DP friend Carlo Alberto and my son Daniele. See you in Rome Tuesday.
DP forever. Ian Dreamcatcher Gillan: I love you.

Gianfranco Barinotti

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