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Doug and I arrived on saturday around 4 pm. The driver we hitch hiked with dropped us right at the festival, where we were able to hear the last notes of Manowar. After we found a pension in Kippenheim - 6 kilometers from the festival ground- we returned to Lahr. After an hour's walk, we got ourselves some good tasting German beers, and saw the Scorpions doing their thing. It was more that we heared 'em, cos we were standing at the border of the actual concert terrain. We had bought a ticket for the holy sunday only. It was raining a little now and then, but my Scottish friend convinced me that after some beers you actually feel no rain anymore. We took a taxi back, and had some realy great Balvenie single barrel malt that Doug had brought along.

Around the time of Steppenwolf we arrived at the festival again sunday. Doug bumped into his friend Doug, who was also from Scotland.
All of a sudden it was raining like hell, and we found cover in the tent (Elch- lounge) which was there for the press and the people with a guest pass. ;-) Unexpectedly Bruce Dickinson and Adrian Smith were announced, and we saw them do two acoustic songs (with another guitarplayer from their band). Around five o'clock it had stopped raining, and we walked back to the mixing desk, where we arranged a get together. Nice to meet Benny, Olle, Stephen, and Angelo. Stathis would arrive around 8 pm, but unfortunately we missed him. In the meantime, Emerson Lake and Palmer gave a nice show. We actually saw Stephen walking along with the presspeople, so he got a photopass for them. Nice band, never saw them before. Keith Emerson can play his instruments well, and showed to be athletic as well. At this time the rain had decided not to show up again for the rest of the day. This Marla Glenn, who was or wearing the wrong suite with tie and all, or had a accidentaly gotten a female firstname, sounded like a funky Tina Turner imitation. She kept on playing this song called l.o.v.e. (or something) during which all the bandmembers took a change to play ten-minute solos. After her appearance they almost played the entire Balance album (Van Halen), waiting for Purple to start.

I think it was getting on for eleven, when Deep Purple took off.
No words can describe the intensity and greatness of this concert.

Hush was great. Might very well be the first time in Europe they did this one (in this line-up). Morse was visibly enyoing this one. After a solid rendition of Fireball, a lot of us went mad when we discovered that Into the Fire would be played entirely. The first bars just sounded like what they did on last years tour, but when the intro riff was played for the fourth time we knew something was about to happen.
Gillan was great. "Fire!!" sung very very well. They ended it a bit messy, looking at eachother what would be the final note. But I mean come on, one would not say there had been a 26-year gap between two versions of the song! Ted was Edward this night, and the local pub was 'The Naughty Girls Legs'. Poor Ian used to wait hours for opening time. Both Rogers and Steve's axes had a few small problems. I had the feeling Roger switched a little more between his bass guitars this evening. Steve had some amplifier problems. One of the amps didn't work probably, and on one or two occaissions there was little to no guitar sound on the PA. They're still all smiling though! Incredible the mood these guys are in. Gillan was in a great mood as well. He introduced Black Night for instance mumbling the melody of the riff.
It was great to hear Bloodsucker again. Big Ian and Steve proved to be a great duo on this one. Brilliant stuff. No One Came and Woman From Tokyo where fantastic as well, really. I hardly heared Paicey make any mistakes during the concerts I heared. What a guy. After a superb Smoke (what an intro!) Jon's solo included a very famous classical thing, but I still don't know it's name. Roger ammused him self and showed that in his great playing. I was funny to see him watch Steve now and then, jaws direction stagefloor. ;-) This is a winning team.
I think because of the time limits and stuff Rosa's Cantina was dropped, 'cause as Stephen reported, they rehearsed it the day before.

When a Blind man Cries was the highlight for me as well I think tonight. In all it's haunting beauty this one took my mind on an emotional trip, to be thrown back at earth ten minutes later by an awesome Speed King. Paicey already had begun drumming the intro of Highway Star, while Gillan thanked everybody for showing up. Morse made the bikers go jealous with his Harley sounding guitar. :-) It was a great concert. I can't wait for the new album; these people are bursting of inspiration.

Afterwards, Doug and I met Benny and Olle again, as they had ran out of petrol. A few of the festival people almost went mad. (Diesen wagen muB weg hier!) and pushed the car out of the way. Olle and I took a taxi to get some petrol, and lucklily they could return to Baden Baden not much later. (Thanks for driving us to Kippenheim guys!)


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