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Deep Purple - Lahr - A Scottish Review
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Lahr - A Scottish Review

How do you begin to sum up this concert? I suppose two words spring to mind - FUCKING BRILLIANT!

This was by far the best show I've seen from the current band, and only an obsessed TMIB fan wouldn't have been pleased with it.

The band were due on at 9.30-11.00 but it was after 11.00 before they came on, and without any background howls (except from the crowd), they went straight into...

Hush - A really good, solid version, and just as with the early shows last year, the whole band (especially Steve) had big grins on their faces.

Fireball - again a very tight version of the song. Paicey really thundered through this one and Roger's bass solo was very nice. And as the song came to an end they started playing the usual riff that went on to become...

Into The Fire - Yes! The first (and only) addition to the set. Gillan is singing brilliantly tonight. You wouldn't have thought it had been over 25 years since they last played this track live (okay, they'd rehersed it the night before). Morse has already made the song his own by using one of his solos rather than Ritchie's original one. The track is still a little rough though, and came apart a little bit with the last few beats. They've still to come up with a proper way to end the song.

Ted the Mechanic - Okay, by now you get the idea (ie a great concert). Nice noodling from Steve during the quite bits.

Black Night - Some very good interplay from Steve and Jon. And a good Sing-A-Long with Steve. He now stands in the centre of the stage for all his solos (still grinning).

Bloodsucker - Possibly the best I've heard Ian sing this. All the high notes were brilliant.

Cascades - That man Morse just gets better and better. This was one of the best solos I've heard from him. As Roger said in his studio update, Steve is using an Echo effect, and this was in evidence tonight.

Woman fromTokyo - Good (I'm running out of things to say here)

No One Came - As good as it ever was (very!)

Smoke on the Water - A longer intro from Steve than he did last year and a great (but a little shorter thasn usual) solo from Jon.

When a Blind Man Cries - Regular reader probably know this is my favorite DP track and tonight Steve really excelled. His solo was superb!.

Speed King - Great interplay from Jon and Steve (again). Very tight Drum Solo from Paicey. A long bit of guitar/vocal work. At one point, Gillan makes some very wierd noises, and Steve turn to the crowd, gives a bewildered look, grins, and copies it note perfect. And Roger finally notices the idot near the front waving a Scotland flag (though I had Fedor next to me...)

Perfect Strangers - Excellent!

Highway Star - As fast and furious as ever. And Gillan notices the flag!)

To quickly sum up the band were great. Roger kept a very tight rythmn going throughout.

The AMDP get together was myself, Fedor, Benny, Olle,Stephen and Angelo. Stathis was there, but I missed him.

I'll give a background review in a day or so - but I finally did a Bungee Jump!


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