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Plaster master

My son and I made the trip to Columbus to see another fantastic DP concert. This time they were second on the bill and played the same set that we saw in Cincinnati. However, instead of High School Hop in the middle of Speed King, we were treated to a Glover bass solo and a Paice drum solo.

Just as at the Cincinnati show, which they closed, everyone played great and they all seemed to be having a great time (I don't think those smiles are painted on their faces).

The highlight for us was when Ian Gillan recognized my son in the crowd, then pointed and waved to him (we were on an end, a few rows back). We had the occasion to meet Ian in Cincinnati for an autograph and my son has a cast on his leg from an auto accident, which helps him stand out a little bit. Needless to say, but this was all he could talk about on the way home.

This is my favorite band and I'm glad to have seen them twice this year (wish I could afford to go to more), so anyone who has the opportunity, should not miss this tour. I hope they make the US tour again next year, so I can then hear a few more songs off of their new studio release.

Jerry Pieschel

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