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Bloody good

I admit it, I have Deep Purple blood in veins. No matter what they played, I would enjoy it.

I saw DP in Cincinnati last night and it was a great concert! I had not seen what was played in Noblesville, Indiana the evening before, but the set list was essentially the same (Well Dressed Guitar versus Free-form Guitar), and as a result, I was very surprised and thrilled to hear the opening sounds of Fireball to start of the concert.

From the start of the show all the way through, everyone was on their feet (with the exception of my son Matt, who had a broken leg and was in a wheel chair for the evening). I would have liked to have heard Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming and Steve did not do the various intro's to SOTW (which I enjoy hearing at the shows), but they did do Black Night (my son's favorite DP song) and Knocking At Your Back Door, which I did not get the opportunity to hear in concert last year.

Ian sounded suberb, Roger was great as usual, Steve was fantastic, Paicey is definitely one of the premier drummers and showed it, and Don does an excellent job on the keys.

We will be going to the show in Columbus on Sunday the 16th, and whether it is the same set list or has some changes, we both agree that we can't wait; looks like this purple blood is now running in the family.

Thanks to Dana who reviewed The Woodlands, Texas concert on June 8th. My first stop inside the gate was to get the Live Rotterham Ahoy CD; I have been listening to it since and it is great! For anyone looking for something that they cannot find at every music store, this is it. We will be listening to it a few times on our trip to Columbus and back.

Jerry Pieschel

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