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San Diego 1974

Following Deep Purple's infamous headlining appearance at California Jam 74, they moved onto San Diego for the final show of the US tour. Captured on an excellent soundboard recording, this performance reveals a much more relaxed band stretching out onstage. Ritchie Blackmore has some tuning problems during the first couple of songs, but fights back in style later on. Glenn Hughes' vocal 'solo' near the end of Smoke On The Water is one of his longest - and includes his DIY instruction on how to sniff illegal powders (don't leave this CD within reach of children!).

Main gripe about the San Diego recording is the annoying echo added after the recording was made. It appears during the quiet bit of Mistreated and while adding a nice touch to Coverdale's wailings, it also wrecks the rhythm once Paicey starts tapping the hi-hat.

Jon Lord's introduction to You Fool No One is the final bit on the CD and is a fine 4½ minute example of his prowess. The recording is sadly incomplete, but what is here is fascinating and stands as a nice companion (or alternative if you like to keep your bank manager happy) to the California Jam CD from Sonic Zoom.

Burn 8.46
Might Just Take Your Life 4.41
Lay Down, Stay Down 4.48
Mistreated 12.00
Smoke On The Water 10.28
Keyboard solo 4.31

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Rasmus Heide

Photos from the CD booklet are © Purple Records.

This special last updated May 13, 2004


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