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Do you want to buy a DVD of your mates discussing your favourite band? Maybe not. But would you buy it, if it was a bunch of guys loosely related to the band talking - but never the band itself?

A new type of music DVD is starting to emerge. You pick a famous artist or band, round up a few basic clips of them and gather musos and journos with claims to knowledge on said artist or band and let them waffle about the music. Edit it all together, slap an attractive photo on the sleeve and claim rare archive material on the front. Voila, a DVD someone will part cash for.

Inside Deep Purple 1969-73 features clips most of you will have seen before - especially if you've purchased previous releases from this company. Classic Rock Legends / Castle Communications are masters at regurgitating the same footage and packaging it in different wrappers. One or two clips here might have been worth something if the producers had managed to secure the entire track and not just brief glimpses.

In any case, what you get is... not much. Our first reviewer reports frustratingly little to write home about - but thankfully he did anyway, so the rest of us can save our cash!

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This special last updated July 30, 2004

Scans by John Hopkins


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