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Nick Simper

Nick Simper was bassist with MkI Deep Purple from its inception to 1969, when he was replaced by Roger Glover in a typically badly handled personnel shuffle. Indeed Gillan and Glover were rehearsing with Blackmore, Lord and Paice while Simper and the then singer Rod Evans were still gigging.

While never quite hitting those glorious days again, Simper has continued to play and there is some great new stuff about to happen. You'll see it here first for sure!

In the mean time, and pending a full history, here are some pieces to whet your appetite:

Why didn't Rosemary?

Well here's my views, I always lose
Things I want to do are yesterday's news
Say life's a ball, I've had it all
Out there in another dance hall
Lying there waiting, waiting for the kill
Oh man won't do it, but the devil will