Quatermass II news - 2 December 1995.

I spoke to Nick Simper at weekend. The Quatermass II project is proceeding, though with a slight change. Bernie Tormé couldn't carry on because of "logistical problems". Pete Parks from Fandango stood in for a while, but again, couldn't commit 100%. However, they now have a great, young guitarist (doesn't that sound familiar!) and have recorded a demo.

Quatermass now have management, Peter Purnell, who also happens to run a CD distribution company. He's working very hard to get some kind of recording deal together, and I said that we'd do everything we could on the 'net.

Anyone with a record deal offer can get him at:

Peter Purnell
CD Management
PO Box 14
IP14 4UD

Fax: +44 1449 780300

Peter said that he'd be getting me a press pack with tape, pix and biographies ASAP, so there will be a full review here soon.

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