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Deep Purple desktop themes for Win95

Arzy's DP Theme for WIN95 (723 kb)

The instructions for unzip this theme is very simple.
First off all you need the "MS Plus! for Windows 95", and the program "Winzip (32bit)" (http://www.winzip.com/winzip/)
If you have a sound card more better.
Open the Winzip (32bit) and uncompress the file.
Press OPEN button and remark the "Deep Purple.zip" press enter and automation the winzip uncompressing this file onto your hard disk, into the directory "\Programs Files\Plus!\Themes\Deep Purple".
Close the Winzip.
After just change the "Current Windows settings", from the menu "Start/Settings/Control Panel/Desktop Themes/" whith "Deep Purple (256 Color)" from the directory "\Programs Files\Plus!\Themes\Deep Purple"

Thats all.
I hope enjoy my theme with the best band on the planet.

Argiris Iakovou

Michnovets V's DP Theme for WIN95 (4051 kb)

I guess Arzy's instructions above applies to this theme as well.

Kyle's DP Theme for WIN95 (1268 kb)

README file included. Comment or questions to Kyle.

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