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Deep Purple Lyrics
The Highway Star

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House Of Blue Light
1. Bad attitude
2. The unwritten law
3. Call of the wild
4. Mad dog
5. Black & white
6. Hard lovin' woman
7. The Spanish archer
8. Strangeways
9. Mitzi Dupree
10. Dead or alive

Shades Of Deep Purple

The Book Of Taliesyn

Deep Purple


In Rock


Machine Head

Made In Japan

Who Do We Think We Are



Come Taste The Band

Perfect Strangers

Slaves And Masters

The Battle Rages On





The House Of Blue Light

1987 Polygram Records

The Unwritten Law


 listen to
  i've got a
    warning for
  you've got to
    learn to take
    more care
  'cos if you swim in
    dirty water
  be careful how you dry
    your hair
  in a room within a room
  in a hole within a hole
  you've got to learn to share
    your secrets
  or you'll lose your soul

  i've got the evidence
  i know you broke the unwritten law
  another town another one night stand
  you know you broke the law

  it's so hard to hold back
  when the fire is in your eyes
  a silver dollar in my pocket
  i don't like surprises
  i've got your souvenir
  is that the price i've got to pay
  it ain't been that long
  since the last charade

  i know you're guilty
  but i'm carrying the blame
  i took out much more than i put in
  and i felt the pain
  in a dirty little room
  with nowhere left to hide
  you told the truth with your eyes
  but you lied inside
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