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King Biscuit Flower Hour

US 1987 DIR Broadcasting [2LP promo; 3-sided!]

Radio promo.

Contains excerpts from two shows: tracks 1 through 4 recorded at the Long Beach Arena on 27th February 1976 with Mk IV [= King Biscuit Flower Hour], and track 5 recorded at the Kilburn State Gaumont on 22nd May 1974 with Mk III [= BBC 1974]. The former gig is available in full on On the Wings of a Russian Foxbat 1995, while the latter is available almost in full on Live in London 1982.


  1. Burn
  2. Smoke on the water
    Interpollating "Georgia On My Mind".
  3. Highway star
    Interpollating "Not fade away".
  4. Stormbringer
  5. You fool no one
    Taken from the Mk III live album Live in London 1980.