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  • Vigier
  • Rickenbacker
  • Tobias
  • MV Pedulla

Here's what Roger Glover said about his basses in alt.music.deep-purple a while ago:

Subject: Re: Rainbow Smoke, Purple bass stuff
From: (BAsec5)
Date: 25 Jul 1995 03:43:46 -0400
nobody@cs.utexas.edu wrote:

>Roger - what bass are you playing nowadays? 
>I've seen you with one of those Steinberger 
>thingies with no head and precious little body 
>(bit like myself really), and also the classic 
>Rickenbacker. Still use these?

The Steinberger was favoured a few years back, since then I've had a love affair with TUNE (A Japanese company, now sadly wiped out by the earthquake), and I have a Tobias and a Pedulla which I'm currently investigating, but my favourite bass as I write is a Vigier (French). I've been unhappy with the sound of the Rick, and trundled it out on Smoke - more for the looks than the sound - but it now has a new nut and sounds a lot better. It's a great looking bass IMO.


Roger participated in a AOL chat where a discussion on his basses came up:

Q: I saw a Cologne 93 video and you play on a Rickenbacker bass - it really cuts through. You used the Rickenbacker bass on the encore - why not use it in the set? It has a great bright deep bottom.

RG: The Rick is hard to play, sounds dodgy to me but recent work has improved it. who knows?

Q: What is your set up now? On the album? On the tour?

RG: I'm playing a Vigier, which looks really like the Rick, and the sound isn't far off either.

Q: Where are these basses from?

RG: They're French basses. I have 2 of them.

Q: How many basses do you own?

RG: Other basses... I don't like to sound flash but I don't know. 15 or 16 I suppose.

Thanks to Michael Friedman and Roger Glover for providing the info.

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