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Deep Purple WWW pages, editorial 12/12/95 _|_

Deep Purple WWW pages, editorial 12/12/95

This editorial is a liberty. It's me taking a flamin' liberty. Since moving the Deep Purple WWW pages to my company's 2M net connection and a spanky Silicon Graphics Challenge-S server (do I get my advertising bonus now?) a lot has happened. The WWW pages might have seemed a little stagnant in the last quarter of the year but rest assured a whole team (me, Trond, Wolf, Svante, Jouni and others too many to mention) have been beavering behind the scenes to bring you the spiffiest in WWW sites.

We're getting there.

This week has been a funny old week. The whole Purple team were in town giving interviews and so on for the massive whoopee press blast in preparation for the release of "Purpendicular". I had hopes that we'd be involved, given the fact that Arbitron in June reckoned we had 16,000 readers of alt.music.deep-purple and by my reckoning we've had some 10,000 visitors a month to the WWW site.

Apparently not.

Instead things have developed in a purpendicular direction. Nick Simper and Mick Underwood's band, Quatermass II, now have a keen management actively searching for a deal for what is, quite frankly, a kick-butt lineup. I've heard their demo tape: it rocks. It would be poetic justice for them to be support Purple on the UK tour. I can dream. On the other extreme, I'm glad to report that the Tommy Bolin stuff will be released on Jan 23rd simultaneously in the Yoo-ess by Rhino and the UK by RPM. Looking forward to it.

So, forgive me if this week the Deep Purple WWW pages are the Nicky Simper, Tommy Bolin, Joe Satriani and Graham Bonnet pages.


PS: Now I have the pages on _my_ machine I've been watching the access logs and I feel like I know nost of you by name now :-). I've also witnessed a vast number of vistors from the .jp domain. Early returns suggest at least 20% of visitors to the WWW site are from Japanese sites. Given the historic relationship between Purple, Rainbow, Gillan, Whitesnake and Japan this can't be surprising. What is surprising is how little we hear from you folks! Please, elect a representative and talk to us - anyone!

Dave Hodgkinson
11 December 1995
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