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October '96

So here I am, a 15 year old boy from Gothenburg in Sweden, sitting in front of my computer writing the editorial. I have a brother which has been listening to music for at least 15 years. The whole story began when he got his first Deep Purple records. "Fireball", "Burn", "Stormbringer", "Come Taste The Band", were records that were played over and over again in our basement. He went to some different concerts and formed a band, his interest in music was borned! My first contact with Deep Purple and their music was simply through my brother (and I thank him for that). We decided to go to their concert in Gothenburg on the 11th of June '94. I was totally blowned away and all that I was thinking about that night was the band's fantastic performance (can music be so good). This was during "The Battle Rages On..." tour and it was Joe Satriani who held the purpguitar.

The story continued...

I bought some Purple records and some Satriani records, and borrowed some different records from my brother. The time went by and I was of course still listening to Deep Purple and they were the best band for me. Suddenly I heard from a guy in a record store that he had heard some music from Purple's new record and he thought it was extremely good. I was also told that Steve Morse was the new guitarist. Well, what can I say, that was GOOD news! I was simply counting the days to the new record's release date. By that time I had a new computer and after some surfing on the net I found that Deep Purple had an own web site. I added the site to my bookmark list and visited it quite often. I found many interesting things about "Purpendicular"; Roger's studio report, forthcoming tourdates etc, etc. The only thing to do was to wait and I waited to February, the month of the release. After listening to it I realised that it was the greatest music on earth. To cut a long story short (but it's much too late for that), I simply loved it!!!

After some time I discovered the newsgroup and found some unconfirmed Swedish tour dates, and I thought: "God, this must be true!!!". And after getting it confirmed by Deep Purple's management, I thought about that magic day, the 4th of July. This was the day for me to see the most magnificent band in the world. This was the year's highlight, and the summer was definitely saved!!! Me and my brother bought the tickets, and I was trying to get a backstage passport, but failed. Very tragical, was my first thought, but after a while I realised that it could be possible to meet them in another way, trying to find them after the concert...

The summer had come to Sweden (the weather had not come to Sweden) and the time was right, it was the 4th of July!!!

The summer night was almost black, the show was over, the guys had left the stage, I had seen a superb concert (read my review of the concert, in the review section here at the site!!!). After the concert I went over to a place where it seemed possible to catch the band, but after a time I realised that my chance to meet the band was lost. But, in one way or another I hope that I some day will meet the guys personally!!

The summer went by, and my school began, I became 15 years old and I got Rainbow's first record and Dio's "Holy Diver" as birthday gifts from my brother. I listened to these two records over and over again and my personal advice is to buy them right away...

I am waiting impatiently for many records at the time, the new edition of "Fireball", Ian Gillan's new solo project, well to be honest, there are too many goodies to mention...

Thanks for reading this editorial, and may the Purp's be with you...

Daniel Bengtsson

And the address:

Daniel Bengtsson
Vällsjövägen 13
S-435 43 Mölnlycke

E-mail: sedbebe@hq.molnlycke.se
Internet: http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Alley/1085

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