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Editorial - Aug 1, 2005
The Highway Star

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A new server for The Highway Star

Hello everyone!

Allow me to apologize for our long period of near-silence over the past few months, but although it seems like nothing has been happening in reality things have been very busy behind the scenes.

You see, The Highway Star has been trying to move into a new home for quite a while now, and having no end of trouble doing it.

It had been running for many years on an old server, using old technology, and old scripts. Since the server was finally being shut down, we had to find a new host -- but it proved impossible to transfer the website to another server in its present form, despite several attempts. Eventually we gave up and went for a different approach, resulting in the current version.

As you may have noticed, we took the leap of faith last week and made the new server live. So far, it seems to be holding up, but there are certainly a few holes we're trying to patch up as fast as we can. We are working on having our non-English editions restored as soon as possible, too.

We have to give HUGE thanks to Yvonne Brinkmann, Leslie Hedger, Ralph Pondman, and Rob Prior for being stalwart supporters with their constant and repeated donations. The majority of our operating funds, however, has come courtesy of those of you that bought stuff at Amazon via our shop links.

We thank each and every one of you whole-heartedly -- it was your continued show of support that kept us persevering at making this transfer work when the problems seemed insurmountable; to misquote Budweiser, this website's for you.

We're excited about the future, and have some big plans to make our site the best resource a Deep Purple fan could hope for. We hope you'll like the improvements and additions. Please let us know about any suggestions you might have.

Wolf Schneider

ps. If you would like to help to support The Highway Star, please visit the Donor Page or the Shop. Thank you all, because without you The Highway Star simply would not exist.

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