[ d e e p P u r . p l e ) The Highway Star


If you read newsgroups you'll know what "Spam" is. Sung to the tune of a well-known Mk3-number.

Comin' outta nowhere, drivin' like rain
Spambringer dancing on the 'net again
Tons-of-mail clut-te-ring your mailbox today
No point running, cause its coming your way

CHORUS: Ride the UseNet, surf the web
Spambringer comin'
Time to cry

Gotta keep deletin'
Spambringer comin'

He's got nothing you need
He's gonna make you real...
[over riff]

Proven psychics and pornographic chatlines
Barebutt women at this special URL!
Harddisk full of unsolicited e-mail
If I had my way, I'd have 'em locked up in jail


"Cause he's comin' your way"
ad nauseam...
[or until you get the "Harddisk full" message, whichever comes first]

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Lyrics by Trond Str&oslah;m
Song titles by Brad DeMoranville

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