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Deep Purple - Santo Andre gig
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I live in Miami , but went to see family in March and saw two Purple shows: Santos (Friday - March,07) and Sto. André (Sunday,09).

Santo Andre is only 70 kilometers far from Santos and i don't understand the production of the tour which placed a show in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday. Rio is 500 kilometers far from Sto. Andre. It doesn't make sense.

There should have been more respect to the band.

The show in Santos was great, despite the sound of the house.

I was anxious to see Gillan after two shows and travelling a lot.

About 5 or 6 thousand people was there to see Purple and shouting before the show.

The show began at 9:05 PM. It was the best show I have ever seen, for sure. I have already seen 5 or 6 shows with Steve on video and in this show, he was the man.


Nice Job from LORD (he should have been a Bach, if born in the 18 century), Glover and Paice. Ah, in Santos gig, in my opinion Paice was the best in that night.

What Steve played was stunning, unforgettable.

Lord played AQUARELA DO BRASIL, a kind of hymn,that every country has, a song that represents the country. In Brazil we have two, this one and Garota de Ipanema of Tom Jobim.

When they we going to play Smoke on the water, Steve began the notes of Heartbreak (I'm not sure of the title) from Zeppelin. GREAT!!!!

At the end of Speed King a duel between Gillan and Morse (not so long as in Santos gig). And the band played a song by Jerry Lee Lewis (I'm not sure, again - sorry). Well, it was a rock'n'roll song from the 50's.

The public was very energetic. Gillan seemed not to believe in what he was hearing an seeing. All the audience sang Black Night, Smoke,. Gillan JUST COULDN'T sing the songs.

Perfect Strangers, Pictures of home. When Perfect strangers began I thought the place was going to blow, everybody jumping and singing. UNFORGETTABLE!!!!

In Santos we didn't have Hey Cisco. Here in Sto. Andre they added HC in the encore, before Highway Star.

I just could finish saying it was the best show i saw live or in video from this tour.

The best show of my life was Sabbath with Dio in 92 for 30.000 people in Sao Paulo.

This was better. Gillan, god keep blessing you with your voice. OBRIGADO.

Steve, don't be upset by the stupids in Chile. You have to understand that many love Blackmore, but don't know to understand what is a great player. This guys are har-minded.

We, who appreciate good music, and you do it for years, maybe like Blackmore, people will know what I'm saying. Continue just playing for the millions that love you. Lord is your partner. Steve carries on the Purple flag with the same attitude and heart you played this night. I'm sure nobody missed Blackmore, although he is a god for us Purplemaniacs.

Lord, Glover and Paice - OBRIGADO too.

See you next tour if God allows me this pleasure.

Reinaldo B. Alves

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