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Deep Purple - Review - Santos 07 March
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Review - Santos 07 March

Well, what can I say about seeing Purple ?

I took advantadge of my trip to Brazil to see family again and had the great, fantastic oppportunity to see two Purple shows.

This first one was in SANTOS, where Pelé played soccer and conquered the world.
I went with a friend and we arrived in Santos (which is 70 km far from I lived, Santo André) at 4:30 PM. We asked a guy to enter the house to take pictures and the staff were arranging things on stage. We bought the tour books, t-shirts, etc.

We had to wait till midnight to see Purple!! Yes, in this house for "boys" they are accustomed to see Bands at this time. It was terrible to wait for so long, but it was PURPLE.

The show began, with Gillan dressed all in Black (t-shirt and shorts). PS: It is too hot in Santos (beaches). Morse I think wore a Bear t-shirt, the others I don't remember.

The show was great, of course, you have the set list in other reviews. The sound was TOO LOUD, and it was difficult to distinguish it. Gillan sang like a madman. Never saw him to sing like this. I saw 4 videos from this tour and he is in great shape. GOD BLESS YOU!! Thanks god he didn't wear the flowered waistcoat.

Morse was upset with the sound. There was a kind of delay in what he played and what was listenend. I think his PA was not good. He extended one solo, so his technician could check what was going on. Only after the 7th song, the sound was ok, but too loud. Maybe I noticed it better because i was in front of Steve in the second row.

At the end of Speed King a duel between Morse and Gillan on vocals. I remembered Strange Kind of Woman. But the shouts were different, but it took about 3 minutes this duel. UNBELIAVABLE.

UNFORGETTABLE. If you haven't see Purple yet, do it as soon as you can. They continue to be the greatest band on earth.

Keep on rockin' guys. Thanks for all the years.

Reinaldo B. ALves

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