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Deep Purple - Concert in Lima
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Concert in Lima

After waiting for the concert in Bogota, some studies circumstances got me to Lima (my city) and of course I was there.

Other reviews gave the setlist, etc... so I will give my opinion on the performers.

- Ian Gillan: He's got the voice, no one can sing better in Deep Purple, one of the more emotional singers, pure feeling. That night he had flu or something like that, but performances like Vavoom, Highway Star or Woman from Tokyo made all unique. Also a great frontman, and very funny.

- Roger Glover: The backbone, the rhythm, the man. He smiled all the show, even more than Morse. He was the last to leave and gave great solos in Fireball and Pictures of home.

- THE Jon Lord: He was the man in black for the night and showed why he can be considered as the best keyboardist in rock history. Great solos, great duels with Morse, and also a great support when he had to. The dark glasses were always on. Hard to believe that he can be wild or shy in his playing, all in aminute. I surely would like to listen Soon Forgotten. He gave Purple the definitive difference from all other bands.

- Steve Morse: He IS the guitarist of Deep Purple, not a replacement. Fast, melodic and with a great tone: One of the best guitar players in the world, the band gives him a lot of presence, his solo in the middle of Cascades was one of the finest moments of the night, his using of the digital delay was unbelievable, it seems that there was three or four guitarists on the stage. He also did a great job transforming Blackmore's solos and riffs ( Black Night was a good example ). Now I've had read that Blackmore wants to return. Tough decision, Purpendicular is the band's best album in 25 years and now they sound tighter and relaxed, don't know what would happen if Blackmore rejoin. And having both of them in stage? It could be the best or the worst ( if we take a look at the ego department ). All I can say is that Blackmore wasn't missed a bit.

- Ian Paice: Solid, outstanding. He was very eclectic, ranging to his arrangements from Hush to Purpendicular tunes ( I think he is one of the most creative drummers in this earth ).Great. Very contemporary sound to classics like Fireball. A longer solo would have been great, altough the one in Speed King gave us a glimpse of his fantastic drumming. In a lot of interviews he says that people doesn't want long drums solos anymore. Don't worry, we surely can take one of yours!!!!


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