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Deep Purple in Brazil
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Deep Purple in Brazil

Hi we are Carla Baldassari and Patrícia Sampaio!The only reason for us to write you is to explain how important was for us and for many others fans these tour here in Brasil!
We went to 7 shows (Santos,Vinhedo,Sto André,Belo Horizonte,and 3 shows this week in São Paulo).
We don't have words to say how good they were on stage!!And out of it.Even that Gillan got sick but he kept the profissionalism and with the band made people got crazy during the shows.
Jon Lord,Ian Paice,Roger Glover and Ian Gillan as always wonderfull and for those who thinks that the left of Blackmore could be bad,are wrong cause Steve Morse is doing great with the band!
So, we just need to tell you that the band is still wonderfull,the shows were really great and if someday you know that Deep Purple will play in your city you just go!!Because you will never,ever forget it in all your life!!!

That's what happened here in Brasil,everybody is waiting and praying so hard for they come back at next tour.
We only have to say now:THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!
DEEP PURPLE you are the best!!!!

And a couple of days after I recieved the review above, Patricia and Carla wanted to add something... - Svante

To the band and stuff!!!! Reviews of Brazil tour by Carla and Patrícia

That's Carla Baldassari and Patrícia Sampaio again;-)!!!!
This time to say about what people feel at the shows here in Brazil!Not just like a review of them,but to say how important to everybody they were!The first show we went to was Santos,we couldn't believe what we were seeing,the place was completed full,them come Santo André and the audience got crazy,and Jon Lord played a typical brazilian song,it was some kind of homage we will never forget.Them Vinhedo and it was nice to see them on stage again.At time we were planning on just wait for the shows in SP,but we couldn't stay at home knewing that Deep Purple were here and so close to us,so we took a bus travelling 11 hours to see Belo Horizonte show.And it cost the effort,more than 12.000 fans at a place that was not use to have a lot of shows,we saw people crying and feeling so hard that show,unbelievable.
What makes DEEP PURPLE so special??Maybe because they do what they do not only for money but for LOVE!!Maybe because they know they have the power to make people happy,and that's what they want to do;even if they got sick,even if the critics say 'bad'things,even that happen any fuckin problem,they play.And play with energy and love that we never saw before in any other show.And today is so hard to find a band who really do it for love.
We are very sad that this is all over now here,we won't forget how Charles Lewis,Colin Hart,Spike,Bruce Payne,Rick Taylor the others and of course the band were with us!!
WE could feel like a family.Thanks to everybody who went out to Manifesto pub in SP,you made our party so special,we are glad! We hope you are ok at the time ,we won't forget you anyway.We would like to say we are sad too because the extra show is not going to overcome,so rest to us wish that you come back and soon!!
Cause everybody needs to forget all the bad things going on the world now,everybody wants to get happy for some hours,that feelings you can make on people.
Late at night,when you will be in silence,and if you pay attencion to your hearts,you will hear our prayers,wishing you only the best and to don't forget about us!
The secrect of any conquest,is the most simple thing at the world. Know what to do about ut!And for sure you know it! THANK YOU FOR ALL!!!!

And just some notes!!!!
Bruce Payne-let's go golfing and smoke some cigars?
Spike-Smoke on the water... hehehehehehehe
Charles-Where is our picture?:-(
Colin Hart-No rules in hotels ok??
Roger Glover-why they always put pictures at the wrong side at the wall?? Did you find the answer yet?
Steve Morse-muito tortura?? We hope next time you will say muito amor!!
Ian Paice-OHHHHHH God we are so drunk!!!! tatatatattatata(womens) hehehehhehehehehehehheehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe
Jon Lord-you really are a Lord!!
And Gillan-we hope you have a nice shoot!!
Oh last thing:

And of course we would like to thanks those friends who worked so hard to make it happen,the promoters here in Brasil who always gave us big support on the concerts and make dreams come true to many fans here in Brasil...
A very special thanks to Alfredo(you are the best),to Haroldo and Miriam...
Thanks thanks thanks...
Love and Peace...
Carla Baldassari and Patrícia Sampaio and Lillian

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