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Kiva Auditorium, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
February 17, 2004

It was two years ago when I finally got to see my favorite band. I saw them on the opening night in Las Vegas and two nights later in Albuquerque. Both times they were the opening act for the alternating headlining tour with the Scorpions. Both nights were great but nothing like what I saw last night in Albuquerque.
I wont spend your time listing the set list as it has not changed over the last few shows. The only difference is the omission of House of Pain which would have been great to see. Before I even saw the set list, this was the one song I thought would have been in the set.
Everything they did do off Bananas came over fantastic. Looking at the crowd during these songs I watched them dancing along. This showing that even if you were not that familiar with the new album, the back beat - a DP trade mark - was making everyone move.
Steve was in prime form as was Don, who has turned out to be a admiral replacement for Jon.
If you ask me, though, the star of the show was Ian's voice. After reading some of the earlier reviews from the Seattle and Vancouver shows, and after seeing the beginning of the last tour and feeling the same way, I was worried about Ian's vocals. Not last night. He was in fantastic shape. It was great hearing the screams that, although were not of the past, were stronger that I could have imagined.
The band also seems to be having a great time. Many times you could see Ian G. and Steve laughing and joking during a song.
All in all it was a great show. If you folks on the tail end of the tour, San Antonio, N.J., and N.Y., are on the fence, jump off and go see the show. It will be well worth your time.
John Ostrye

Another solid performance by Deep Purple, from Silver Tongue to Hush. The set list was the same as previous nights with the exception of House of Pain and no video projector screen for the slide show.
While on the four hour drive to Albuquerque listening to the rock station, they were announcing that tickets were still available, but I saw no empty seats so I assume they later sold out. We arrived a couple of hours before the 7:30 start time so we had dinner at a hotel one block away from the venue. As we left I saw a white van with the door open and Roger inside. I went over to shake his hand - see ya at the concert.
Gillan's voice was strong - he didn't seem to have trouble at all with the high notes. Don Airey was great. I really think he should move the keyboards to the front of the stage just like Jon Lord used to. We cant see Don's fingers working back there. Of course Steve, Ian and Rogers were exceptional.
After the show we went backstage where we talked with Roger, Don, Steve and Ian Gillan. We took pictures, they autographed my older pictures I have with them and some CDs.
Roger and Ian told me they had dropped House of Pain because of the city's altitude and how that takes a toll on Gillan's voice since HOP has very high notes. So they decided not to include it and not risk the rest of the show. Don't know why they didn't use the video projector.
My wife and I had a great time. It was exhilarating for her to finally meet Ian G.
On our way back to the car Don, Ian Paice and Bruce were walking just in front of us, they were heading to the hotel which was about one block away from the venue. We headed to our car and Don gestured good-bye.
Ozzie Carrillo


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