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Bombay, 8 April 1995

From: maheshs@bnr.ca (Mahesh Srinivas)
Subject: Deep Purple in Bombay
Date: 12 Apr 1995 06:42:07 GMT

Hi all,

A message from a friend of mine who attended the DP show in Bombay on April 8; his name is Sujit, and he's not a DP fanatic (as is obvious in his mis-spelling of Gillan's name), but anyways, here goes:

Hi Mahesh,

The Deep Purple in concert were incredible. It was a great show with deadly performances put in by each of the members. The line up was a different from the one which I gave u. It was Gillian/Lord/ Paice/Grover /Morse. This guy Steve Morse just took my breath away and matched Lord's wizardry in all respects. In fact there was an improvized introduction to Lazy where Lord was incredible on the KBs and Steve morse did a very jazzed up guitar riff (with strains of Eastern Classical music) . The only thing that was not in true form was Gillian's voice (for obvious reasons) but overall it was a deadly and awesome display of earthshaking music.

The song list is somewhat like this(not in order):
All my love (opening number - not sure of the title)
Space Trucking
Speed King
Perfect Strangers
Child In Time
When the Blind man cries
Black Knight
Highway Star
Smoke on the Water (encore number)

In addition there was a new number which they have just composed and may be one or two more which I can't recall. But the numbers they played represent the best of what they have produced in all the years.

I can't figure out the opening number, and why "Gillian's" ;) voice was "not in true form". Maybe she'd caught a cold or somethin' in Bombay's humid climate. ;) ;) ;)

I'd asked another friend of mine, a huge DP freak like me, to take notes on the show, so if she was in any state to do so, maybe I'll have them in a few days. :)

Today (April 12) is their gig i n New Delhi.

Rock on Purplers,
Mahesh Srinivas

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